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September 25, 2000



Lincoln College looks toward area's future
[APRIL 11, 2000]  If the last building program at Lincoln College comes about as Dr. Jack Nutt, college president, envisions it, not only the college but the city of Lincoln and the rest of Logan County will benefit.  In the final phase of the construction project Nutt wants to see a new and larger field house for the college and a new, bigger and better home for the Lincoln College Museum and its $1.5 million collection of Lincoln artifacts.

[complete story]


the em space

Yellow circles 
and squares

[APRIL 11, 2000]  What’s small, yellow and growing all around outdoors? Secondly, what’s yellow, about three inches square and available with desk supplies everywhere? This week’s “em space” comments on the yellow circles and squares of everyday life.


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"The Omega Code"
Starring: Michael York, Michael Ironside, Casper Van Dien
100 Minutes
Rated PG13
1999 TBN Films

[APRIL 11, 2000]  This film convinced me to revise my rating system. In my previous reviews I have been using stars to convey the quality of the film: five stars for a wonderful film beyond description, one star for a film you shouldn’t waste your time on. The average film gets about 2-3½ stars. Watching “The Omega Code” put me to sleep three times, and so in addition to my star system of rating, I am adding the nap system. “The Omega Code” is a three-nap movie.


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[APRIL 11, 2000]  Law and Courts lists the latest reports from the Lincoln City Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff's Department.  All citizens listed in the police reports are innocent until proven guilty by court of law. The Lincoln Daily News does not list names or exact addresses of individuals, unless convicted and over the age of 21. Listings include police reports, marriage licenses and dissolutions, and weekly court reports.


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Announcements –

- Chamber offers training session Wednesday for people who deal with customers 

- American Cancer Society Relay for Life runs April 14, 15

- YMCA plans Charter Dinner and “School’s Out Fun Days"

- Washington Monroe School honor rolls posted



Yesterday's news –

- Good news and bad news on soybean cyst nematodes

- Book review: “What If?”  

- MS “Walk for Life” raises $10,000

- Health department presents awards

- Logan County high schools: 1960-2000