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May 01, 2000


More trees grow in Lincoln thanks to high school students
[APRIL 29, 2000]  Hard work and some generous contributions are making the city of Lincoln a greener and pleasanter place.  Putting in the hard work are the 38 members of the National Honor Society at Lincoln Community High School and their sponsors, teachers Judy Dopp and Laura Horton, along with the science students of  Jim Vipond.  The various kinds of contributions are coming from many sources.

[complete story]



Third graders at Central School received white pine seedlings to plant in
observance of Arbor Day. The program, sponsored by the Logan County Soil and Water Conservation District, teaches students how to 
plant and care for trees.

Craft shop a new venture 
for Mt. Pulaski woman

[APRIL 29, 2000]  Pam Cooper is taking a break from being a farmer’s wife.  Now she’s sitting “On the Other Side of the Fence,” or to be more precise, on the other side of the counter in her craft shop of that name at 109 South Kickapoo St.   “I was just a housewife with two kids.  I did my civic duties by being in school activities and I stayed home and raised both my sons.  Now that my children are out of the house, this gives me something to do.”

[complete story]

[APRIL 29, 2000]  Law and Courts lists the latest reports from the Lincoln
City Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff's Department. All citizens listed in the police reports are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The
Lincoln Daily News does not list the names or exact addresses of
individuals, unless convicted and over the age of 21. Listings include
police reports, marriage licenses and dissolutions, and weekly court reports.

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Our thanks from the Prime Time Learning Center Students and the Lincoln Public Library to all of you who volunteered your time.

 The Tutors Are:

Sharon Crawford

Jonathon DeNeal

Gene Frioli

April Gap

Sherri Grissom

Juliet Grundhofer

Jonathon Hill

Keisha Jenkins-Hill

Patty Manley

Dawn Munsch

Jean Orr

Deb Short

Elizabeth Simmons

Norma Smith

The  Prime Time Learning Center is a service of the Lincoln Public Library District. 732-5732


Announcements –

- Blood drive at Lincoln Christian College Tuesday

- Blood drive at Sports Complex Wednesday


Yesterday's news –

- Brown's belts: A lesson in martial arts

- Movie review: "End of Days"

- Choirs hit the road; Bible Bowl teams hit the Book

- Comparative chart: Per capita farm income

- 4-H contest results

- Residents concerned about speeding on Wyatt Avenue