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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 15, 2000

[left to right] Doug DeMay, Dave Newhouse, Tim Dehman, Jean Mellott,
Caitlin Hupp, Daniel Marcus Conner, Anita Miller, Jim Miller, Jonathan Pagel,
Alison Pagel, Tami Pagel

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from the Neighborhood Watch


quilt will be
at state fair

Local Harvest of Talents project patches together 2,000 fabric squares from around the world

[AUG. 9, 2000]  For the past year, 12 women from Lincoln Christian Church have been needling away at the millennium quilt, a project that patches together a unique blend of culture and harmony from around the world. The quilt will be auctioned off at the 17th annual Harvest of Talents, which will be at the church Oct. 28, and all proceeds will go to the International Disaster Emergency Services for World Hunger (IDES).

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"Avery's Sports
Nutrition Almanac"

[AUG. 9, 2000]  Whether you’re a full-time athlete or just a weekend warrior, you always want to increase your competitive edge. One of the athlete’s most important training secrets is proper nutrition. Nutrition not only increases your strength and stamina, it also boosts your individual performance by improving body mass, muscle tissue and fitness. Dr. Edmund Burke and Daniel Gastelu have compiled an almanac of current information on the subject of nutrition and its role in sports.

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We have drawn winners for Saturday afternoon "Annie" tickets! Two tickets each go to Jenny Golden and Shannon Hughes! Thanks to all who signed up at the Logan County Fair, and congratulations to our winners!

Logan County Fair 2000



Aug. 1
Aug. 2 
Aug. 3
Aug. 4
Aug. 5
Aug. 8

Aug. 9

Aug. 1
Aug. 2

Aug. 3

Aug. 4

Aug. 5

Aug. 7

Aug. 8

Aug. 9


Winners at the Logan County Fair

[AUG. 9, 2000]  Final lists of judging results from various classes of competition at the Logan County Fair are posted today.

Winners in Class L – Floriculture

Winners in Class H – Junior Livestock

Winners in Class A – Open Beef


Billboard, T-shirts will
spread anti-alcohol message

[AUG. 9, 2000]  Alcohol is the No. 1 killer of young people in our country. Something needs to be done to educate our youth about the dangers of alcohol. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Task Force of the Healthy Communities Partnership has purchased billboard space on Woodlawn Avenue, on the northeastern corner of the fairgrounds, for a billboard with an anti-alcohol message geared toward youth.

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Olympia FFA groups raise funds, welcome teacher

[AUG. 9, 2000]  The Olympia FFA Alumni/Boosters chapter, in conjunction with the FFA chapter, helped cook and sell approximately 600 rib-eye sandwiches at the Minier Corn Daze festival on Aug. 6 in Minier. Proceeds from this event will benefit the FFA chapter at Olympia.

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Orders for reprints are being accepted now

The 1886 "History of Logan County"

[AUG. 9, 2000]  The Logan County Genealogical and Historical Society is reprinting the 1886 "History of Logan County" with index. Pre-publication orders are now being accepted. Pre-publication cost before Aug. 15 is $40 each. After Aug. 15, the cost will be $45 each. Please include $4 per book for shipping and handling.

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News from ALMH

[AUG. 9, 2000]  Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital congratulates August Employee of the Month Pam Morrow; welcomes new employees; and congratulates parents of winners in the queen contest at the Logan County Fair.

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