"Look Like A Winner After 50"

[AUG. 16, 2000]   Look Like A Winner After 50 With Care, Color, And Style," third revised edition. Jo Peddicord, Golden Aspen Publishing, 1997, 189 pages.

In today’s society, older women sometimes believe that their appearance is no longer important. Not so, according to author Jo Peddicord. In the revised edition of her book "Look Like A Winner After 50," she writes that "we consciously or unconsciously associate beauty with youth, but true beauty is ageless. Once we accept that, it is natural and appropriate to look as good as we want to."



Peddicord’s book encourages the mature woman to look her best by providing information on the complete makeover experience. The result is a positive attitude that can favorably influence any woman’s life and build her self-esteem.

According to the author, "Glamour is much more than a means to attract romance. It is a practical, personal necessity that enhances what nature gave us and shows respect for the person we are."

Each chapter in the book addresses a different component of the makeover process. In "The Magic of Color," Peddicord explains the effect of color on your personality, makeup and clothing. Although she recommends that a professional perform your individual color analysis, she also provides the instructions for a do-it-yourself analysis.



"The Basics" looks at proper skin care and techniques that slow the wrinkling process. Diet, exercise, cleaning and moisturizers are all recommended as part of a daily regimen to maintain healthy skin.

Other important chapters include "Erasing the Wrinkles and Breast Reduction" (a frank discussion on cosmetic surgical techniques and reduction mammaplasty); "Fashion for Your Figure" (fashion decisions based on body types and characteristics); and "Accessories" (how to enhance your appearance with items such as jewelry, scarves, hats and shoes).


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Two of the most important chapters are "Be Your Own Makeup Artist" and "Where is Your Hair Headed?" According to Peddicord, makeup is important because "it boost self acceptance and self confidence." A complete makeup treatment is outlined in this chapter. It includes tools, foundations and concealants. The section on the makeup dos and don’ts will be helpful to those who have special problem areas. Equally important is the advice on the proper makeup for a particular occasion or time of day.

"Where is Your Hair Headed?" is a maintenance program to help promote beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. The advantages and disadvantages of using different hair treatments such as sprays, gels, coloring and perms are analyzed. There’s even a section on working with hairdressers (Peddicord’s advice: tell them about yourself and your lifestyle, and bring pictures of hairstyles that you like).



"Look Like A Winner After 50" is a treasure-trove of cosmetic information aimed at improving the appearance of today’s older woman. The book is written in a no-nonsense style and contains practical advice that any woman can follow. The treatment of the subject matter allows the reader to use the book as part of an overall makeover plan or simply consult it for specific ideas and advice.

It is important to note that the book is more than just tips and techniques for improving one’s physical appearance. In writing this book, Peddicord’s philosophy is evident throughout, as she offers encouragement and reassurance to the reader. She truly believes that every woman can improve her self-esteem and attitude through attention to these makeover details. This sentiment is best expressed by the author in her introduction, when she writes, "Thinking positive and maintaining an upbeat appearance brightens your life and is encouraging to family, friends and associates."

Although the book is specifically written for the "women over 50" audience, it is recommended for women of all ages who will find the makeover tips useful and the author’s message inspirational and uplifting.

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