Daily Police Reports, received from both the Lincoln City Police and the Logan County Sheriff's Department, include arrests and allegations of criminal activities. Please note that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty. Weekly Court Reports cover legal matters decided in the court of law.


Daily police reports

Weekly court reports




Daily police reports
Date, time of offense or when report was made; gender, age, general address of alleged offender; alleged offense; location of alleged offense

Lincoln Police Department

Wednesday's entries

Criminal damage over $300

  • 8/29; a wooden picnic table was thrown into a ’97 Pontiac Grand Prix near Hoyle Hall at Lincoln College, causing damages over $300
  • 8/29; a Chevy was damaged and rock and roll CDs were stolen in the 400 block of Wyatt Avenue

Criminal damage under $300

  • 8/29; various CDs and a small black purse were stolen from a residence on the 100 block of North Beason Street
  • 8/29, a tamer/blue-colored 26" Murray mountain bike was stolen from a residence on the 60 block of Centennial Court

Domestic battery

  • 8/29, 7:53 p.m.; male, 41, 1500 block of Broadway; domestic battery; arrested at 1115 N. Logan
  • 8/29, 8:11 a.m.; female, 46, 2300 block of Railsplitter; domestic battery; arrested at residence

In-state warrant

  • 8/30, 3:17 a.m.; male, 19, 400 block of College Avenue; obstruction of justice; arrested at Fifth Street and Elm

Possession of explosives

  • 8/29, 1:32 a.m.; male, 18, 100 block of Crestwood; possession of explosives and reckless conduct; arrested at safety complex
  • 8/29, 11:40 p.m.; male, 20, 1300 block of Richland; possession of explosives and reckless conduct; arrested at Seventh and Adams streets

Tuesday's entries

Damage to vehicle

  • 8/28; the driver’s side window of a 1987 Dodge pickup was broken while the vehicle was parked at 530 Woodlawn Road

Failure to appear

  • 8/28, 7:18 p.m.; male, 19, 600 block of Fourth Street; failure to appear; habitual violator from McPherson County, Kan.; arrested at 2500 Woodlawn Road

Possession of explosives

  • 8/28, 11:40 p.m.; male, 20, 1300 block of Richland Avenue; arrested at First and Adams

Reckless conduct

  • 8/28, 1:30 a.m.; male, 19, 100 block of Centennial Court; possession of explosives; arrested at safety complex

Theft under $300

  • 8/27; Play Station electronic equipment, a 24-by-27-inch television, and a speaker were taken from a residence in the 300 block of Feldman

Monday's entries

Aggravated battery

  • 8/27, 1:53 a.m.; male, 31, 1700 Fifth St., arrested at residence


  • 8/25; a cash register and $60 cash were taken from Three Roses Floral, 429 Pulaski St.

Criminal damage to property

  • 8/25; an apparent attempted burglary resulted in damages to entries at Lincoln Iron and Metal, 1710 N. Kickapoo St.; all that was found stolen was a can of Pepsi.
  • 8/27; a car owned by an Oglesby woman had its tires slashed while parked at 929 Eighth St.

Criminal trespass to property

  • 8/26, 4 p.m.; male, 36, first block Gavin Street; added charge of burglary; occurred at 315 North St.

Theft under $300

  • 8/18; three bicycles were taken from 510 N. Jackson St.
  • 8/24; a Schwinn was taken from 321 S. Sangamon
  • 8/27; a bicycle was taken from 311 Fifth St.
  • 8/27; two bicycles were taken from 708 N. Kickapoo St.

Logan County Sheriff's Department

Deceptive practices

  • 8/29, 7:46 p.m.; female, 29, Hendrick; deceptive practices, Logan County warrant; arrested at safety complex; held in lieu of bond

Failure to appear

  • 8/29, 8:35 p.m.; male, 33, 40 block of Terrace Drive; failure to appear; arrested at 108 Commercial Drive; released on bond
  • 8/29, 8:35 p.m.; female, 29, 700 block of Oglesby; failure to appear; arrested at 108 Commercial Drive; held in lieu of bond

Tuesday's entries

In-state warrant

  • 8/28, 6:15 a.m.; male, 33, 1300 block of Cowardville Road, Wood River; failure to appear; arrested at Alton Police Department



Wednesday’s entries

Aggravated battery

  • 8/30, 12:11 a.m.; female, 39, NE Sixth, Atlanta; aggravated battery; arrested on Race Street, Atlanta


Illinois State Police

Wednesday's entries

(no new entries)

Tuesday's entries

Illegal possession of alcohol by minor

  • 8/28, 12:23 p.m.; male, 20, 400 block of South Illinois, Springfield; arrested at I-55 milepost 116


Logan County Sheriff’s Department

Weekly court reports

Name, age, address; date, charge; sentence   

(Week ending 8/18/00)

  • male, 18, 1000 block N. Monroe; 6/6/00, unlawful consumption of alcohol
  • Gary Schafer, 928 Eighth St.; 4/12/00, counts I and II – aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer, seven years Department Of Corrections, concurrent with other time
  • person, 19, 1100 block E. Washington, Riverton; 7/3/00, unlawful consumption alcohol by a minor, six months court supervision, $150 fine
  • male, 18, no address, Lincoln; 6/19/00, battery, 12 months court supervision, $200 fine
  • Robert Riese, 22, no address; counts I and II – unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession cannabis, 12 months court supervision, $750 fine
  • Kevin Downing, 43, 712 First St.; 7/17/99, four counts – unlawful possession cannabis with intent to deliver, possession controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession firearms without FOID card, criminal fortification of a residence, counts I, II, and IV – 48 months probation, $32,232.30 street value fine, 182 days Logan County Jail


Licensed to wed

(Week ending 8/18/00)

  • Anthony John Prestito Jr., Lincoln
    Annette Randazzo, Fairview Heights
  • Russell Scott Keim, Lincoln
    Janet Gayle Tallman, Lincoln
  • Christopher George Hegland, Mount Pulaski
    Heidi Nicole Fulk, Mount Pulaski
  • Ivan Lee Newell, Lincoln
    Pamela Diane Wallen, Lincoln
  • Cletus Michael Ridgeway, Heyworth
    Amy Jo Watkins, Heyworth
  • Jeffrey Todd Mathews, Trenton, Mo.
    Misty Ann Kasey, Atlanta
  • Adam James Waters, Lincoln
    Corrie Alicia Jennings, Washington, Mich.
  • Thomas Clifton Sawicki, Lincoln
    Jennifer LaVonne Booth, Lincoln
  • James Harold Borbely, Champaign
    Hope Renee Hardin, Champaign

(Week ending 8/11/00)

  • Brian Timothy Bird, Punta Gorda, Fla.
    Jody Wenonah Strasser, Punta Gorda, Fla.
  • Christopher Alan Rempe, Lincoln
    Regina Ann Kannady, Lincoln
  • Randy Demar Cannon, Lincoln
    Kim Ingram, Lincoln
  • Sean Jacob Booth, Atlanta
    Nancy Jean Langley, Atlanta
  • Jeffrey Earl Robinson, Lincoln
    Maritta Lucile Zimmerman, Lincoln

Marriage dissolutions


  • Johnny E. Edwards, McLean
    Cynthia Ann Edwards, Lincoln
  • Gregory Allen Hite, Lincoln
    Donna Hite, Peoria
  • Charlie Eric Grimsley, Lincoln
    Donna Marie Grimsley, Lincoln



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