LDN salutes teachers and students as they return to the classroom.  

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1. you sharpen this and write with it
4. at college you stay here
5. what you work for in high school and college
9. after grade school
11. the process of stuffing information in your head
12. you measure with one of these
13. at the end of school you look forward to g______.
14. where you eat at most schools
16. big orange thing you ride to school
18. the class where you learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide
19. where your eyes go to find out what time it is
20. after junior high
22. who you go see if you have been misbehaving
23. the thing that rings to tell you the class is over


2. where you take notes
3. the place where classes happen
6. writes with ink
7. hopefully you are having some of this
8. the things you read
10. grades k-6
12. in grade school you get to go outside
15. the one who instructs you
17. the last school in a long line
21. it wouldn't hurt to give the teacher one of these

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