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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 15, 2000


District 27 sets referendum
for construction funds
[AUG. 31, 2000]  Lincoln Elementary School District 27 will put a referendum on the ballot Nov. 7 asking district voters to authorize the sale of $4.1 million in bonds to cover the districtís share of the construction of two new schools:  a new elementary school to replace the present Central School and a new junior high school. If the referendum passes, the rest of the cost of the $12,400,000 construction project ó $8,318,181 ó will be paid by a grant from the Illinois Capital Development Board.

[complete story]


Youth violence prevention
for a safer community

[AUG. 31, 2000]  Once again Lincoln has something to be proud of about our community. The efforts of the Lincoln Police Department have brought in a $25,500 grant that will enable them to continue their Violence Prevention Program.

[complete story]


Commentary by Jeff Mayfield
Baseball welcomes LDN
with open arms

Baseballís in my blood

[AUG. 31, 2000]  Back in January when I agreed to write some sports features for the Lincoln Daily News, little did I know where my stories and interviews would lead me. My friends suggested that becoming a journalist would be a great way to get press passes for sporting events. It hasnít been that easy. I decided to use my annual baseball trip to gauge how successful my work with the LDN would actually be in procuring media credentials. I would have never guessed that of all teams in all sports that my first press pass would come from the New York Mets! Even writing that name makes me shudder. At any rate, while I was on vacation, I saw four games with serious playoff implications involving eight teams. In order for me to tell you that story, I need to tell you this one first...

[complete story]


American Red Cross appeals for blood

[AUG. 31, 2000]  Due to a blood shortage nationwide, the American Red Cross is asking for immediate blood donations to boost critical low supplies. There is urgent need for all blood types. Logan County Red Cross is appealing to donors to come out to give blood on the next scheduled blood drive, Wednesday, Sept. 6, at the Lincoln Sports Complex. Hours will be from noon until 6 p.m.

[complete story]


Bartmannís announces employee of month

[AUG. 31, 2000]  Martha Butler is an LPN and floor nurse and has been an employee at Bartmannís for the past year. The team marketing committee selected her for employee of the month of August based on her professionalism, work ethic and attitude.

[complete story]


Aggression Replacement Training announced

[AUG. 31, 2000]  Aggression Replacement Training (A.R.T.) is a program that enables students to take control of their behavior and learn to respect themselves and others. A.R.T. covers four basic areas: empathy, pro-social skills, anger control and character education. The A.R.T. program will be taught to parents with children at any Lincoln or Logan County School. The classes will be at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 21, Oct. 5, Oct. 19.

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