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We have a president-elect!

President Elect George W. Bush

Vice President Al Gore

What is your reaction to the speeches given by Vice President Al Gore and President-Elect George W. Bush?  Email LDN and let us know.

[DEC. 14, 2000]  At 8 p.m. central standard time, Vice President Al Gore conceded the Presidential race to Governor George W. Bush more than a month after election day.  Gore delivered a powerful, yet gracious speech relinquishing his pursuit of the highest office in the country.   At 9 p.m. Bush made a thoughtful speech of acceptance promising to bring both parties together.  Both candidates emphasized working together as Americans in the best interest of the country.   You can read all the details in the many fine articles found in the news from other sources regarding the presidential election by clicking on the link below.

Click here for news from other
sources regarding the presidential election


Police officer takes an unexpected rough ride

[complete report]


Mentor:  a trusted counselor or guide

Local agency provides opportunities

Editor's introduction

[DEC. 14, 2000]  Youíve heard it, or said it or at least thought it: "What a pity. With a little guidance he/she could have been so much more!"

[complete story]



World/National News

Hear it here!

TONIGHT: Thursday, Dec. 14

Lady Railers play Glenwood, here, at 7:30 p.m.

[click here for the broadcast]

Sponsors: Mitchell-Newhouse, Gleason's Dairy Bar, J&S Auto


World/National Sports News


Part 3

Springfield at holiday time

[DEC. 14, 2000]  Click below for a further sampling of attractions and holiday events.

[complete story]


World/National Consumer Travel News

World/National Agriculture News

World/National Business News

A holiday contest for you!

As a participant in the Ho-Ho-Dough holiday contest, has lots of tickets to give away to its loyal readers. LDN has been providing five daily questions, pulled from current ads and yesterday's stories, for you to answer. Each correct answer earns one ticket. Just e-mail your responses back to Lincoln Daily News, and we will save your tickets for you to pick up late next week. A drawing for $5,000 cash and other prizes will be at 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 17, at the Logan County Courthouse. Good luck!

Today's edition will be the last day for questions.

Readers who have won tickets may pick them up at the LDN office Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Questions for Thursday, Dec. 14:

(Today's questions are worth THREE tickets each!)

1.  What is IMSA and where would you find it?

2.  Give four examples of advanced propulsion techniques.

3.  What will District 27 be serving for lunch on Friday?

4.  When was Pacesetter Financial Group established?

5.  List the sizes of toolbars available for rental at Lincoln Ag Center.

Bonus question:  What is a toolbar used for?

Click here to submit your answers



- Judith Gass

- Pansy Pirtle Parrish Holmes

- Leonard Karbowski

- Ronald McCray

- Edna Whittaker

New this week!

Mike Fak in Lincoln Daily News

Logan Countyís own Mike Fak, commentator on LincOn TVís "Fak's Machine" program and popular local print commentator, can now be read in Lincoln Daily News. 

[click here]

LDN will be hosting articles and commentary by Fak on local issues and issues which have local impact.  Fak is a voracious writer, turning out numerous articles on other issues which have state, national and international impact.  His other articles can be viewed on his website at  

[click here for top stories for the day from around the world]

World/national news coverage

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