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June 03, 2000


Choosing child care

Important decision for parents

[FEB. 4, 2000]  For Chip and Stephanie Schwarzentraub of Lincoln, choosing a day care program for their 5-month-old daughter, Sloan, was far from easy. The Schwarzentraubs aren't the first, and won't be the last parents faced with the difficulties of making a child care decision. There is however, a licensing program, implemented by the Department of Children and Family Services, to ensure that quality care is provided to every child in day care.


                                                 [complete story]

               MOVIES & VIDEOS

[FEB. 4, 2000]   This week in Movies and Videos our anonymous reviewer takes an intimate look at two new video releases. See what is said about Pierce Brosnan in "The Thomas Crown Affair" and Kevin Bacon's "Stir of Echos." Then, make your own decision.                                 [complete story]


Interview by Jeff Mayfield

A Lion in Winter

[FEB. 3, 2000]   This week Sports Talk focuses on Lincolnís only active NFL player, Tony Semple. Tony is currently a starting offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions. It wasnít that long ago that he was patrolling the gridiron for the Lincoln Railers. He also spent time on the hardwood for the basketball Railers. I caught up with him via telephone from his Michigan home early Monday evening to talk about the season and what he remembers most about LCHS.

                                          [complete story]

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