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September 25, 2000


Firm Faith

A look inside Second Baptist Church


[FEB. 18, 2000]  My decision to visit Second Baptist Church was not a very scientific one.  I had never visited the congregation nor did I think I knew anyone there, so I believed it would be interesting to meet with and worship with new friends.  About all I knew was that Second Baptist was one of the African American churches in Lincoln. The morning I spent at Second Baptist and a subsequent interview with the Rev. Glenn Shelton, pastor of the congregation, allowed me to move beyond academic knowledge of the African American church and allowed me to see the living expression of faith by the family of believers in this church. It is a church that is integrated in both flesh and spirit, in both body and soul. My time there gave me a deeper understanding of the importance of this church for all citizens and people of faith.


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Service Is Our Business

[FEB. 18, 2000]  Help is available for those in need in Logan County. Lincoln provides many of the services that are needed by its residents. Some services are offered by providers in Lincoln, others are contracted with providers in neighboring towns, while still others are included under a regional umbrella that includes several counties. One thing is clear: service is Lincoln’s business.

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"The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn"

Sidney Poitier, Mary-Louise Parker, George Newbern, Diane Wiest

[FEB. 18, 2000]  There’s a saying at the local video store: “the fewer copies, the more likely it’s a great film.” There was only one copy of this movie on the shelf, and in the case of this flick, I found the adage to be true.


[complete story]

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