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September 25, 2000




LCC musical production debuts this week


[FEB. 22, 2000]  Fourteen young people in colorful, outlandish costumes filter onto the stage. A piano starts beating out a catchy tune. A man with a script in his hand stands in front of the stage, calls out to a couple of people, gestures. Suddenly the auditorium fills with energy.

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                 THE EM SPACE

It Happened on the Way Home from Church

[FEB. 22, 2000]  A few months ago, my mom remarked in a letter: "Seems like lots of airplanes are falling into the water lately."

Last week she wrote of two that collided in midair and crashed into a hospital and a street. Before her letter came, I had recognized the name Bob Collins in an article about the crash, because my mom has talked about listening to him on WGN in the morning. She told me he was an experienced pilot. In her letter after the crash, she said, "With all that sky up there, it is hard to believe that two planes would come to the same spot at exactly the same time."


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Affable Aroma

Downtown business--more than just a cup of joe

[FEB. 21, 2000]  As you push open the eight-foot tall wooden doors to Beans and Such located at 115 South Kickapoo, the smell of freshly ground coffee beckons you to come in. "It smells so good in here," says a shopper from Lake Fork on Thursday. She and her friend were "doing Lincoln that day."                        

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- LDN Makes Germany Closer to Home

- Main Street Lincoln Hosts Small Business Seminar

- Lincoln College Presents "Working"

- LCHS Presents "Guys and Dolls"


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- Full Service

- 911 First Line of Defense

- Service Is Our Business

- Looking For Lincoln

- Healthy Families:  The Starting Point

Television, Radio, Semi Trailer Taken

   Some time between February 11 and February 13, 2000, unknown person(s) forced entry to a 1999 Freightliner semi tractor while it was parked in a lot between the Wendy’s restaurant and the Burwell Travel Plaza on Woodlawn Road.  The unknown person(s) broke a window and took a television and citizen band radio.  The semi tractor was moved and the trailer the tractor was attached to was taken.  The semi-trailer was loaded with washing compounds.  The semi-trailer was a 1992 box trailer, silver in color with Heartland Express on the side.  Unit number 6151, the trailer had Iowa license plates on it.

   Anyone with information concerning this incident or any other crime in the Lincoln/ Logan County area is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 217-732-3000.  Your information will be kept confidential and you may remain anonymous if you information leads to the arrest of the person or person(s) involved.  Crime Stoppers will pay you a cash reward up to $1500.00.  Crime Stoppers has an answering machine to answer your call.  This is to protect you if you wish to remain anonymous since your call cannot be traced with the machine.  You need to let us know how you can be contacted about the incident or you must watch to see if the subject has been arrested.  This is so we can make a pay out.













































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