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Pleased with mayor's alderman choice 


To the editor:

I was so pleased to see that Mayor Ritter had appointed Rev. Shelton to Ward 4 Alderman that I called her to thank her for her superb judgement. Rev. Shelton had epitomized "Servant Leadership" over the years to both his Congregation and our Community. Mayor Ritter could not have named a more worthy servant to this Office.

The Lord Bless You

Bob Wood



Local Fourth of July activities were great


To the editor:

This years 2000 Fireworks were arguably the best I have seen in our fair city. Boone Lee and Company definitely deserve high praise for this years show. I sat with my wife at the Immanuel Lutheran Church lawn enjoying popcorn and Lemonade. Thanks to Immanuel Lutheran for their hospitality and again thanks Boonie and company for a great show. See you next year.

Go see The Patriot at the Lincoln Cinema. My wife and I went to see it on the 4th. It was raining and the fireworks were cancelled so we enjoyed a great movie. What a great way to celebrate Independence Day 2000.

The Lord Bless You

Bob Wood





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