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September 25, 2000


Candidates Speak Out

State's attorney and coroner hopefuls tell where they stand

[MARCH 1, 2000]  They line the streets begging for a look or a glance. They just want you to pay attention to them. Their bright colors and different lettering let you know that there is more to them than meets the eye. These political signs are everywhere. In fact, they are a telltale sign that an election is near. With the primary election in Logan County only a few weeks away, political candidates are gearing up with more than signs in citizens' yards. In today’s Where They Stand, state’s attorney candidates, Tim Huyett and Bill Workman, and candidates for coroner, Chuck Fricke and Paul Hennessy, state their position in their own words. Thus, letting you, the citizens of Logan County, decide who will make the vote.


                                                                         [complete story]


People v. David JD Fries

[MARCH 1, 2000]  Logan County State’s Attorney Bill Workman has announced that a suspect has been arrested in the armed robbery of two Kroger employees that occurred on April 13, 1999, at the Logan County Bank, 809 Woodlawn Road, Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois.

                           [complete story]


                 LAW & COURTS

Page Added to Lincoln Daily News

Law and the courts

[MARCH 1, 2000]  The motto for the Lincoln Daily News is to report news and commentary from our community. We pride ourselves in being a voice for our readers and listening to their opinions and suggestions. As a result of requests and inquiries, we will begin carrying daily police reports and weekly court reports from the city of Lincoln and Logan County. You can access this section today by clicking below. Beginning tomorrow you can find Law & Courts under the Community section on the navigation bar on the Front Page.

[complete story]

the em space

Litter: An Itemized List

[FEB. 29, 2000]  Have you seen too much trash on the ground lately? One staff writer did. Here's what she says: The temperature went up, the snow piles went down, the sun came out and what a mess in sight: trash.  Suddenly the careless discards of recent weeks lay exposed on the ground. Whether dropped on the spot or windblown from who knows where, they became the most noticeable items on streets no longer covered with snow.  Read the em space to find out exactly what she found littering one short block.


[complete story]

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