Amazing Australian adventure

Stickybeaks, bushrangers and larrikins, not allowed  

[MARCH 4, 2000]  Each year the PTO at Washington-Monroe Elementary School adds a little warmth to the cold winter blahs.  To get both the teachers and students re-energized, the group organizes a Winter Fantasy.   This year the theme was “Amazing Australian Adventure.”   Throughout the week students participated in a variety of activities

The fun began last Friday when each class drew animal names indigenous to Australia.  Each class represented an Aborigine tribe and researched and illustrated the meaning of their respective tribe.  Their projects lined the hallways at the school and transported the students to the land down under.

The week of Australian activities at Washington-Monroe included a Family Movie Night, featuring “The Rescuers Down Under.”  The PTO sponsored the movie and provided popcorn.  Parents accompanied their children to the movie, making it a true family experience.



Another favorite event was the Friday morning walkabouts and relays.  To really get in the tribal mood, students painted their faces and joined in a Snake Dance.



The culminating event for the week was an assembly in the gym with special guest story teller, Michelle Macormic, a Lincoln native who moved to Australia at the age of four.  After living in Australia for 13 years, she moved back to Lincoln in 1991 to attend Lincoln Christian College.

Not only did each grade learn about a specific animal and traditions of Australia, they also learned about the language.  Best friends are “mates;” and busybodies are called “stickybeaks.”  People running from the law are “bushrangers,” and tough guys or hoodlums are “larrikins.”  So if you are scared of these people call a “walloper” (police officer).  It would be “bonzer” (terrrific) if the walloper caught them.


[Natalie Jeckel]

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