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           posted daily aT NOON               

September 25, 2000


A ‘clothed minded’ ministry
Under the guise of a garage sale

[MARCH 18, 2000]  Covert operations are usually left up to military strategists or secret service agents.  But there’s a certain Lincoln resident who runs her own kind of secret service.  There are a lot of garage sale lovers out there, right?  Picture this.  You just spotted a garage sale.  You walk up and find children’s clothes galore.  As you find several items you like, you’re already deciding how much you will and won’t pay for them.  Then when you go to pay for them, the lady who is hosting the garage sale says, “Everything is free!”  She refuses to take a penny!  That is exactly what you will find when Lincoln resident, Tami Cole, has one of her Kid’s Closet “garage sales.”  

[complete story]

               A DAY IN THE LIFE

The art of welding

From nuclear submarines 
to lawn decorations

[MARCH 18, 2000]  What began as a high school course in welding, became a lifelong career for Don Bode, owner of Bode’s Welding, 201 S. Sangamon Street in Lincoln. For the past 15 years, Bode has built a business repairing, altering and creating a variety of products from boat propellers and tractors to industrial work tables and garden trellises.   

[complete story]




Real reviews
[MARCH 17, 2000]  Are you thinking about renting a movie tonight? I hope these reviews will help. Today I take a look at two completely different releases. "Stigmata," starring Gabriel Byrne, Patricia Arquette and Jonathan Pryce, is a disturbing story of faith, the miraculous and the desire of the powerful to avoid truth and change. While Kristin Scott Thomas and Harrison Ford begin to uncover the mystery of their spouses' betrayal in the lengthy psycho-drama, "Random Hearts."

[complete story]    


Announcements --

- PONY Baseball League sign-ups through April 1

- Revival services this weekend at United Pentecostal Church

- Pancakes and sausage this Sunday:
at Lincoln's Masonic Lodge Temple
at Beason Fire Department

- Youth hunter safety course
March 24-25


Other news --

- Voters to decide senior program funding 

- Hartem FFA advances

- Christian Coalition Voter Guides available

- Hobbs, Lady Railers hope for hot bats

- Weindorf, Brainard--in touch with their roots