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September 25, 2000


Agriculture looms large for Logan County

[MARCH 27, 2000]  Just as a grain elevator looms over a field that will soon be planted, agriculture looms large in the local economy. With the exposure of last week’s National Agriculture Week, it seems fitting to look at the effects of agriculture in Logan County. It is easy to look at a factory that employs many people and puts a large amount of money into the local economy. Being involved in agriculture is not far off. Think of agriculture as many small businesses that in actuality are sometimes not so small.

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Bogus bomb brings big response by state and local law enforcement

[MARCH 27, 2000]  At 9:43 p.m. Saturday, March 25, the Lincoln Police Department was contacted to respond to the 300 block of South College Street in Lincoln. When officers arrived, a resident told them that the object had been found on the front porch of the residence and moved to the street. The object was suspicious in that it appeared to possibly be a homemade bomb. Supervisors were called to the scene, and, for the public’s safety, people within approximately 1½ blocks were evacuated.


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Contest winners on display

[MARCH 27, 2000]  At the annual Community Health Fair this past weekend, students from area schools were encouraged to make posters relating to some aspect of health. The winners of this year’s SmokeScream Contest include Carl Becker from Mount Pulaski grade school, Juliann Papesch and Mercy Mulligan from Washington-Monroe, and Travis Folkman from Hartsburg-Emden. These students were awarded prizes and their posters, which were displayed at the fair, are also in today’s Lincoln Daily News. Click below to take a look at their prize-winning works of art.


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"Merlin's Tour" 

Wonders of the universe

[MARCH 27, 2000]  "If the sun makes rainbows, then does the moon make moonbows?" This and other questions are answered in a fascinating new book by Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson on the wonders of the universe. Despite the public’s interest in our natural world, science books can sometimes be difficult reading for the layperson. "Merlin’s Tour" is a wonderful departure from this difficulty.

      [complete story]





Lincoln High School history

[MARCH 27, 2000]  Do you know how Lincoln Community High School got its start? What year was it erected? When was the current building constructed? Do you know how much it cost? In today’s By the Numbers you can find the answers to all of these questions and more.

[complete story]


Announcements --

- Jolly Seniors group meets Tuesday

- First aid and safety class offered

- Bed and breakfast start-up workshop Thursday

- Sign up for PONY Baseball League




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- For pet's sake

- Courtesy, kindness and charisma

- Wish list—new schools, new perspectives, new ideas

- When in doubt, throw it out

- Food stamps

- Zimmerman Scholarship 

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