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September 25, 2000



school spirit

The story behind fundraising

[MARCH 30, 2000]  Fundraising has become a means to "the extras" for school districts in Logan County. Students, parents and teachers raise thousands of dollars each year to purchase additional items for students and for the schools. Lincoln Community High School has more than 40 student and booster clubs. Each student club, such as the French, library and national honors clubs, are allowed to have one fundraiser each year, while the booster clubs have 10 to 12 annual fundraisers.

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Calling the play-by-play

Reflections on life and tradition at Lincoln Christian College

[MARCH 30, 2000]  Lynn Laughlin coached basketball at Lincoln Christian College for 17 years. He also coached the baseball team. Many of you readers are aware of the storied history of Lincoln Railer basketball, but on the east side of Lincoln rests a school that has shared some of that spotlight mostly from the shadows. Lynn followed the storied career of Marion Henderson and has enough great memories to fill up a large highlight reel. I met him at his current dean of students office to get his thoughts on the way things used to be.

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Get a free happy ad

LDN offers free subscription

[MARCH 30, 2000]  Did you know that just by logging on to Lincoln Daily News you could earn a free happy ad?  This is an ad that can say anything to anyone anywhere in the world. It’s a $7.00 value.  How do you get it FREE?  It’s simple.  Since you have already logged on, look for the subscription notice below.  All we need is your name and e-mail address. LDN is providing this FREE registration to recognize our readers. Please know that the information you provide will only be used by LDN.  It will not be sold or shared with any other online source. After subscribing you will receive confirmation of your subscription and a coupon for a FREE happy ad which can be redeemed over the next 12 months.  Thank you for being part of the exciting evolution of Lincoln Daily News, where Logan County downloads the lowdown, every day.

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Picture this

Local photographer selected for top 10 in state competition

[MARCH 30, 2000]  For the third time in six years, Stephen E. Klemm of Picture this…Photography received word from the Associated Professional Photographers of Illinois that all four of his entries qualified him as one of Illinois Top Ten Photographers in 2000, during the annual print competition sponsored by the A.P.P.I. His prints received two blue ribbons, which signify par excellence in photography, and two white ribbons, which signify excellence. Two of the four prints entered were awarded a merit seal.


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Lincoln restaurants

[MARCH 30, 2000]  How well do you think you know Lincoln restaurants? Click here for crossword puzzles about it. Come on it's fun. Each week LDN will publish a crossword that you can fill out online. The subjects will be related to our community. Bet you didn't know there was so much going on in Logan County did you? Check it out.

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Announcements --

- Honor rolls posted:

Chester-East Lincoln School 

Illini Central High School

Mount Pulaski High School

West Lincoln-Broadwell School 

- Hartsburg-Emden winter sports awards

- American Red Cross blood donor update

- Sign up for PONY Baseball League by Saturday

- "School Daze" benefit at Moose Lodge Saturday

- Tri-Police and Teen Court sponsor dance Saturday



Yesterday's news --

- Save Our Schools Committee seeks enforcement from "preservation police"

- Breath of life

- Main Street gears up for campaign drive

- Hartem FFA members visit state capital

- Abortion/birth rate