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June 05, 2000



BB gun shooters nabbed

[MARCH 31, 2000]  Two 17-year-old males have been charged with 26 counts of criminal damage to property resulting from window damage that was done last week to various vehicles and homes throughout Lincoln. A 14-year-old juvenile male may also be charged with as many as 19 counts of criminal damage to property.

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Holy Resurrection Church

Believing in hard work, holiness and helping othersóthe Orthodox way

[MARCH 31, 2000]  Physically, it takes only a few seconds and a few steps to move from the sidewalk at 207 Pekin St. in Lincoln into the sanctuary of Holy Resurrection Church. But on another level, those few steps take you out of this world into an encounter with spiritual images and values that span the centuries. According to the worshippers at Holy Resurrection, to enter this place is to enter into the presence of the Divine.

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Hospital Auxiliary sponsors book fair

[MARCH 31, 2000]  Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospitalís Auxiliary is sponsoring a Reading is Fun book fair on Friday, April 7, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the hospitalís Conference Room A.

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A sensory experience

"The Sixth Sense"

[MARCH 31, 2000]  I must admit that I watched this film against my will. It was one of those movies on my "donít watch" list. I had seen enough previews of it that I was convinced I didnít want to see a movie about a tormented little boy who sees dead people. I was going to avoid it, and then my significant other decided that we were going to watch it together. Well, that settled that!

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[MARCH 30, 2000]  Did you know that just by logging on to Lincoln Daily News you could earn a free happy ad?  This is an ad that can say anything to anyone anywhere in the world. Itís a $7.00 value.  How do you get it FREE?  Itís simple.  Since you have already logged on, look for the subscription notice below.  All we need is your name and e-mail address. LDN is providing this FREE registration to recognize our readers. Please know that the information you provide will only be used by LDN.  It will not be sold or shared with any other online source. After subscribing you will receive confirmation of your subscription and a coupon for a FREE happy ad which can be redeemed over the next 12 months.  Thank you for being part of the exciting evolution of Lincoln Daily News, where Logan County downloads the lowdown, every day.

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Announcements --

- Honor rolls posted:

Chester-East Lincoln School 

Illini Central High School

Mount Pulaski High School

West Lincoln-Broadwell School 

- Hartsburg-Emden winter sports awards

- Sign up for PONY Baseball League by Saturday

- "School Daze" benefit at Moose Lodge Saturday

- Tri-Police and Teen Court sponsor dance Saturday




Yesterday's news --

- Raising school spirit

- Calling the play-by-play

- Picture this

- Lincoln restaurants