Warning: The content of Hearsay and Hairspray is provided by Logan County hairstylists and barbers. Any deviation from fact is unintended but not entirely unexpected. Watch what you tell your stylist or barber.


Things aren't always as they look!

A family went out to Steak 'n Shake for burgers and shakes a couple weeks ago.  Their 4-year-old, Steven, kept looking at the beautiful peppers in the bottle on the table.  He began insisting over and over, "I wike that!"

When they were through eating, Dad sprinkled a little of the sauce on his plate, set him up with a glass of water, and let him taste it.

At first he had a considerate expression, then mass confusion registered on his face, his eyes did a Wyle Coyote bug-out, followed by a full head-to-body shiver. 

After he settled down his Mom asked him, "You still like that?" He started saying, "Yes, I -- ?," paused and suddenly changed it to, "Nooooooo!"  



"Live and learn"; sage advice

From a young lady recovering from a broken, long-term romantic relationship, "Life is too short to not forgive.  I forgive him, but I can't forget."



A little barbershop humor

A three-legged dog walked into a bar.  The bartender said, "What do you want?"

The dog replied, "I'm looking for the guy who shot my Paw!"



She's still his Cinderella

A couple that will be married 47 years in October still have a certain magic in their marriage.  Don gets on his knees after Pat's morning tanning session and helps her put her slippers on."  Awww, too sweet!  




A little Mindy bird from Lincoln got caught flying low through Decatur this last week. Darn those radar traps, you just can't go as fast as you want all the time!


Do you ever think that if you were only more organized,
life would be easier?

Did you know...

  • Monday is salt and pepper shaker cleaning day

  • Tuesday is clean-out-the-refrigerator-day

  • Thursday is the day to clean the pepper bottles

  • Friday is catsup bottle change day

  • Menus are cleaned every shift

  • Saturday and Sunday are busy at Lincoln Steak 'n Shake



Thanks to the contributors for this column




LDN wishes no embarrassment to anyone. We hope each reader will be spurred to recognize the precious time and place we live in, and the good fortune to be where and who we are. May you be entertained, charmed and piqued to think goodly of our fellow friends and neighbors with whom we share this land known as Logan County, Illinois.


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