This feature of the Lincoln Daily News compares Lincoln and Logan County to similar cities and counties on a variety of issues in a succinct manner, using charts and graphs for illustration.


Full-time public school teachers 1996-1997

2000 ISAT scores for Logan County

1998 full-time sheriff's department law enforcement employees

1998 full-time police department law enforcement employees

Per capita personal income

Total and teen births by county

Average monthly net food stamp payments--Number of persons

Average monthly net food stamp payments--Stamps issued in dollars

Household income vs. housing costs

1999 average composite ACT score in small high schools in Logan County

Percent of students from low-income families in small high schools 

in Logan County and comparison counties 

1998-99 enrollment of small high schools in Logan County and comparison counties

1999 composite ACT score

1998-1999 high school enrollment

Percentage of high school students from low-income families

1998 drug arrests per thousand population by county

1990 population






2000 ISAT scores for Logan County

(Following is explanatory material, with charts below.)

Level 4/Exceeds Standards: Studentsí work is outstanding and shows comprehensive knowledge and skills in the learning area. Students consistently use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and evaluate the results.

Level 3/Meets Standards: Studentsí work shows that they have knowledge and skills in the learning area. Students consistently use and apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems.

Level 2/Below Standards: Studentsí work shows basic knowledge and skills in the learning area. However, students have some gaps in their learning and can apply it only in limited ways.

Level 1/Academic Warning: Studentsí work shows an inconsistent command of the basic knowledge and skills. Students have major gaps in their knowledge and skills and little ability to apply them. They may have serious errors or misunderstandings.

The scores under "All" include every student in the district that took the test.

The scores under "Non-IEP" include only the students who do not need special education services.

The scores under "IEP" include only the students who need special education services. IEP (Individualized Education Plan) refers to students who have disabilities and are required to have written statements of needed special education and related services.

District 21: Emden Elementary School (K-4), Hartsburg-Emden Junior High (5-12)

District 23: Mount Pulaski Grade School (K-8), Elkhart Grade School (K-8),

District 27: Adams School (K-2), Central School (K-6), Jefferson School (K-3), Lincoln Junior High School (7-8), Northwest School (K-6), Washington-Monroe School (K-6)

District 61: Chester-East Lincoln Community Consolidated School (K-8)

District 88: New Holland-Middletown Primary (K-3), New Holland-Middletown Middle (4-8)

District 92: West Lincoln-Broadwell Elementary School (K-8)


Charts compiled and created by Jean Ann Carnley

[Jean Ann Carnley]

1998 Full-Time Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement Employees

[Statistics compiled by Alexis Asher]

1998 Full-Time Police Department Law Enforcement Employees

(Taylorville - Christian County; Malton - Coles County; Effingham - Effingham County; Canton - Fulton County; Mount Vernon - Jefferson County; Dixon - Lee County; Pontiac - Livingston County; Lincoln - Logan County; Marion - Centralia County; Jacksonville - Morgan County)

[Statistics compiled by Alexis Asher]

Total & Teen Births by county
for 1998

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