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Now it's Nader


To the editor:

In response, again to Mr. Guy Jackson's thoughts...,

My, my, my Mr, Jackson, where do you come up with these things you write about??????

This seems to me just another scare tactic on your part to hopefully grab another vote for Mr. Gore. (Trying to scare the elderly and everyone else)

First it was the ABMS and now it's "GET NADER", he might hurt Gore. Then it's protect the environment.

Let's put some other thoughts on the table about the environment - -What has the Clinton/Gore White House done about the environment that has changed anything in the past 8 years - nothing, zip, nada. What did the Kyoto Agreement produce, nothing but rhetoric and no, I repeat no action.

The world has been in existance for a very long time and you know what, it may just be wearing out. Some of the problems you describe are taking place where there is no polution, hmmmm what could be causing those problems. The sun, the moon and or other stars could be affecting the earth's changes, who really knows????

Do we all want clean air, of course we do? There are numerous cleanup programs that can be instituted and Bush is right to a certain extent, it takes individuals like you Mr. Jackson and me and everyone else to do their part. You once more, want the government to "TAKE OVER" and run our lives on a minute by minute basis. As for obtaining our own energy supplies, we had better, because if ABMS's are not utilized to help prevent major wars, we won't have anyone to buy energy from. Let's see, then we will either freeze because of no heat or burn up because of no A/C. Everything takes energy.

I would wager that you drive a combustine engine and would also wager that you have a heating and cooling system in your home and workplace. Kind of nice isn't it. Ah, but when that fuel source is low or non-existent you will pay Saddam Hussein and his cronies big bucks for them, yep that's smart.....

You also write that Gore would alleviate combustine engines in 25 years, well, not to worry if Gore types are running the country, in 25 years you will be on welfare or taxed to the point it won't make any difference and still watching the world change......

You have not mentioned Gore's policy on abortion, so neither will I, except to ask that everyone take a good look at it.

I really dislike pollitical debates because they are useless, but common sense thinking is worth writing about.

Whomever is elected, individuals must not rely on the Government to wipe their noses, put food on their plates, keep them warm or cool or stop polluting, that is something a real American should do for themselves.

George A. McKinney

Pharr, Texas

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Nader spoilage and the teetering environment


Dear Editor:

This Nader movement is getting very old, and fast. The high-handed righteousness of the Naderites has quickly become grating, and Nader's stance in this election, purported to make a statement, only blemishes him as a spoiler and amounts to self-sabotage. Many of the causes Nader has campaigned for in the past he is going to see destroyed if Bush gains the presidency.

The largest of these causes is the environment. It is infinitely puzzling when Nader accuses Bush and Gore of being one and the same, because the environment is one area where the difference is total. Bush seems to not care a whit what happens to the planet; in a recent Michigan speech he called environmentalism a 'fad', he moved for 'voluntary' clean-air standards in Texas, and he famously wants to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Preserve, a drilling that would ruin the Preserve and bring us a measly six months worth of oil. Gore, on the other hand, negotiated the Kyoto agreements on global warming, says he'll give tax breaks to companies who come up with alternate forms of energy, talked Clinton into conserving the most acreage since Theodore Roosevelt, and wrote a book which, among other things, touted a plan to rid ourselves of the internal combustion engine in twenty-five years.

Gore is the most passionate environmentalist we've had running for president since Roosevelt, and for this very reason I wonder why Nader, or anyone else for that matter, would want to bring him down. At this point, if we get another Reagan in the White House (the man after whom Bush seems most modeled), it's all over for the environment. Earth needs some serious saving. Look at the past year alone. Worldwide, the coral reefs are adjudged to be bleaching away and are predicted done for within ten years. The plantlife of the Mediterranean Sea is rapidly being wiped out by an oddball tropical algae. An unusual 50,000 acres is burning in the Appalachians, specifically in Tennessee and Kentucky, due to a strange lack of fall rain. A bizarre eleven million lobsters popped up dead in Long Island Sound. Animals and insects are becoming extinct at the rate of 100 species per day. And there is open water at the North Pole; hardly surprising with greenhouse gases predicted to cook us up by as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit, raising sea levels by around 18 inches and wiping out the coastlines worldwide. Even the contrarians who once denied global warming (bringing to mind denial of the Holocaust) have finally come around the confessing its actuality.

So, why in the world would Nader, who is supposed to be running for the GREEN Party, want to hurt Gore? Why didn't he campaign for his little 5% in states pre-destined to be won by Bush? What is Nader doing anyway? Boy, they talk about Bush being unqualified for the presidency! And just imagine the myriad of Oswalds the corporations would send down upon a naively idealistic President Nader. Not that Nader isn't doing a fine job of assasinating himself. Instead of being the brilliant consumer advocate and saver of lives, he is now on course to become the blundering election spoiler and catalyst for planetary disaster.


Guy J. Jackson



More about anti-ballistic missile defense system


To the editor:

After reading recent letters about Bush's anti-ballistic defense system, ABMDS otherwise known as a revamp of SDI, some things need to be made clear.

This plan will not stop invading armies.  It will supposedly destroy missiles, not armies.  It will not restart the Cold-War.  Russia can not afford it. They can not even afford an army.

But the main problem with a ABMDS is scientific law. Basically the law of gravity. Now again this plan will not work, even in its basic design. This ask Israel about the Gulf War. But if it did, once a missile is destroyed only that missile is destroyed, not the contents. The contents, either nuclear or biological, will fall to the earth due to gravity.  And with the wind it will sprend accross the United States or wherever the wind takes it. Hence defeating the reasoning for a ABMDS.

Instead of wasting billions of our tax dollars an this special effects dream why not spend it an military readiness and vaccines in case of war.  This will help us in a war, not a ABMDS.


Mark Fielden

Winchester, IL

formally from Middletown


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Langston Hughes was lucky enough to attend a brand new Central School in the early 1900's. It's time for our children to have the same experience a century later. An old building does not need to exist in order to save a memory or to honor a person. Particularly a heavily-used old school building with foundation problems and structural deficits that worsen yearly. Tributes to prominent people can be and are made in many other ways. For this very reason, community members, staff, and parents at Central School located a commemorative plaque on school grounds to honor Mr. Hughes and his contributions to society.

The members of the District #27 Board of Education chose to place an issue before the voters that will NOT result in pouring millions of dollars into two antiquated buildings. We all know there were choices to consider concerning the schools. After careful study, discussion, and public input, the Board determined construction of new school buildings to be the best option for our future students, just as many residents in and around Lincoln have chosen to construct new homes as the best option for themselves. Notice also, new construction in the downtown area that appears to nicely complement existing buildings. Yes, new structures can be architecturally appropriate to the neighborhood.

Wouldn't any community eagerly jump at the chance to build two new schools with no increase in taxes? The residents of Lincoln Elementary District #27 have that "once-in-our-lifetime" opportunity. We are so fortunate! What pride there will be in Lincoln when the day comes to enroll students in our new schools! Our "YES" votes will place our children in beautiful, comfortable facilities that will best meet their educational needs for generations to come. Friends, I urge you to vote "YES" on the District #27 referendum issue.

Terri Hauter

District #27 Teacher and Treasurer of "Our Kids First" Committee


Professional laborer speaks on school issue


Letter to the Editor:

I have been reading all of the articles the Lincoln Courier has printed regarding the fate of Central School and the Junior High.

I have read almost all of the letters to the editor, both in favor and against two new buildings.

I have listened to both sides' arguments.

I have listened to opinions, disagreements, and facts.

I have kept my mouth shut, my ears and eyes open, and the cap on my pen long enough.

I have a number of points to make in this letter, so please, readers, school board members, citizens, teachers, and most importantly, the students who attend these schools-bear with me.

First, I would like to hear what the teachers and students of District 27 would like to see happen to their schools. They are the most important, because they spend more than a third of their lives in these schools-180 days a year. Yes, they do matter the most. Teachers, students, staff and students: Cry out; there are people who will listen!

I believe you have cried out somewhat as I read the signs you have posted in the schools and in front lawns.

Secondly, I do agree that District 27 school board has not done all of their homework, because there is more to come.

My idea would be to construct a new middle school somewhere either adjacent to or across from the high school on Primm Road with all 6th, 7th and 8th graders attending, forming one school district for our wonderful community, doing away with many overhead expenses. This idea may help CEL's financial troubles ahead. That's just my idea and opinion.

Now comes my professional opinion. Yes, professional. I am a skilled labor craftsman, an electrician and member of IBEW Local #193 for almost eight years, whose jurisdiction covers Lincoln and the surrounding area. From my experience in the construction industry for nearly 12 years, staring as a laborer for the first four, one cannot and will not spend less money on a renovation of this magnitude and size. Never!

Some months ago the Lincoln Courier printed an article portraying the cost of renovation and addition to the schools. I believe the article stated:

1. Renovation and addition approximately 12 to 14 million dollars. 2. Wrecking ball followed by new construction, about the same cost.

Believe me, renovation will cost 12 million and then some. Why? Well, what contractors and craftsmen will find after bids are accepted and the project is under way are the hidden, surprise expenses always present in a renovation. Contractors call these expenses "extras."

"Extras" mean more money to fix hidden problems that must be corrected in order for work to continue. These extras equal more money above and beyond the bid price, which in turn means more money, tax money. These extras are something architects can seldom account for, because they cannot physically see them. They are there and will slap taxpayers' wallets.

Expenses such as structural problems, hidden plumbing and electrical problems in walls, floors, and underground. This is not forgetting to mention the efficiency and space for all new equipment and systems such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Bringing these schools up to date on current building safety and occupancy codes, handicapped accessible, with elevators installed in both schools, which would be a task in itself, a new fire alarm and sprinkler system would also be necessary.

Renovations and additions do cost more, not just because of these hidden-surprise extras, but they plainly and simply take considerably more time to complete. Contractors cannot complete renovations of this magnitude in three short summer months, there are only so many hours in one day, and in construction, time equals money, more of the taxpayer's money. Money spent in saving nothing more than a shell of two buildings.

I would like to ask a silly question or two of the folks who are in favor or renovation and preservation.:

1. What is the difference between new construction and renovation of this size, in which at some point in time the only thing you will essentially preserve is a building shell? 2. Back in the middle to late 1950s, didn't this town get a brand new high school with plenty of room and where provisions were made to make expansion of the building easier? I wonder why that was?

The same could and should be done if and when a new Central and Junior High are constructed.

I can swallow the fact that we may spend a few more dollars for new schools, but I choke on the fact that we would spend 12 million plus expenses on just renovated schools with additions, wishing that after the project is completed we would have gone the other way, the correct, most efficient, cost-effective way-a project that causes less tax burden and gives the best tools and facilities to teachers for students for a second-to-none education.

I implore all of us to explore all options, take all considerations in, and do it once, not end up wishing what might have been. If you can't find the time to do it right the first time, when are you going to find time to do it over?

If in doubt about what I have just stated, take time to ask the professional skilled craftsmen and contractors who will inevitably work on this project their opinion of renovations and additions versus the new, more efficient to run and maintain. More times than not these folks will tell you what I have.

Students, teachers, taxpayers: change in this case is good; change is not bad.

I agree with Sam Redding, a well-respected educator, who wrote in support of two new schools. Ask him; like me, he is a professional.

Mr. Dave Leonatti's article that appeared in the Courier on October 18 consisted entirely of fact, not opinion, and was correct. Ask him; he is also a professional.

Folks, on November 7, do not vote on opinion. Do not vote on influence. Just plain vote. Vote your conscience. I know what my conscience says.

Matt Vlohovich 


Former Lincoln resident responds to letter from Guy Jackson about anti-ballistic missile defense system


To the editor:

This letter, indeed requires a response, whether you are for or against

George Bush for President. Mr. Guy seems to have a political agenda behind his opinions (and of course he has that right).

My response is not politically driven but sheds some light on what I think every American should think about, yes, think about, you can still reach your own conclusion.

I speak of experiences only and not from Harper's magazine.

Every time I think of 13 million Red Chinese coming over our borders, my heart leaps into my throat with fear for my country and family. Every time I think of rogue countries like North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and a few others having the capability to utilize missile systems against the U.S., my heart leaps into my throat.

Can you picture your children or grandchildren speaking chinese, Sudanese or Farsi because we did not have a satisfactory defense system. Chinese is tough, I know, I studied it prior to being assigned there during the Tienamen square massacre. I saw first hand how citizens can be treated by this kind of a government. Or, being overrun by the Iranians and live under the stringent conditions they must endure. I was taken hostage there in 1979 and have seen how these people live also. Not a pretty thought of all Americans living in this manner. How about the terrorst groups out of Iraq, the Sudan and Seria under the power of Quadaffi or Ben Laden sending missiles into our coastal cities and then invading us. I was in Khartoum when our Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission were abducted and later executed by these thugs. My life was only saved because I dove into a swimming pool to dodge the bullets.

Using the USS Cole was a poor example and not related to protecting our own shores Mr. Jackson, it was in the wrong place at the wong time, as I was in the instances related to above and below.

At one point in my career, I was kidnapped by a terrorist group in chad and taken into the desert and held for 12 hours. My 13 month old daughter was unluckily with me during that incident. I was beaten repeatedly and put in front of a firing squad with her in my arms. They decided to play with me for a while longer and shot over and around me - - I still carry small pieces of rock in my cheeks from that ordeal. I was rescued by regular Tchadien forces late that evening. My daughter was unharmed but remembers it to this day, me I went on to serve my country getting into more scrapes and scrambles.

Yep, I will take any kind, including an anti ballistic missile defense system or anything else that will keep my country, children, grandchildren and yes sir, even yours free from anyone who wants to take our freedom from us.

Oh, by the way, North Koreans and the Chinese don't worry about feeding

Their "poor people", they spend everything on arms, including missiles. We on the other hand (or I should say Mr. Gore) would prefer to continue to support those individuals who refuse to work and build up the welfare system. No country will win a war on welfare but surely when the government is feeding everyone, that country will fall on it's own accord. (food for thought, no pun intended).

(Uh oh, got a little political here, sorry)

George A, McKinney

Pharr, Texas

(Born and raised in Lincoln)

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Writer opposes anti-ballistic missile defense system Bush wants to build


Dear Editor:

Each time George W. Bush reiterates his intention to build an anti-ballistic missile defense system, an act that could well restart the Cold War, my heart leaps into my throat with fear for my country and family. I recently heard him state this intention yet again on, of all places, the David Letterman Show. Yet media spotlighting on this issue has been scarce at best. This defense system is malignant and unworkable. Of the few press items concerning it I have been able to find, the most noteworthy is a letter from a M.I.T. physicist to the White House Chief of Staff (reprinted in the August 2000 issue of Harper's Magazine) which pleads for Clinton to halt progess on what is certainly another case of Pentagon hubris.

As it now stands, the anti-ballistic missile defense system, which by this point should get a nice military title such as the George B. McClellan Missile Defense System or, even better, the Maginot Line Missile Defense System, can be duped by so little a thing as a weather balloon. If it could miraculously be constructed, it would probably better serve for shooting down asteroids, but the Pentagon and Bush and Co. would instead put it to a use that would upset the balance of nuclear power. Russia and China have both warned against this, and Russia has pointed out that such a defense system would violate several nuclear treaties. Bush's response, which came on the day Clinton put a delay on the system's construction: 'It doesn't matter what they think. We need to protect ourselves.' Marital relations cannot survive on the 'it doesn't matter what they think' attitude, so how can international relations? As for protecting ourselves, such a system, even if working, would be no guarantee; the recent tragedy of the U.S.S. Cole proved that terrorists don't need to go to all that trouble of launching a missile. And anyway, protecting ourselves against whom? So-called 'rogue states' like North Korea? That's that same old Reagan-era 'evil empire' garbage. As with the old, spooky communist nations of the past, countries like North Korea can barely feed their citizens, let alone invade the U.S.

Bush would build this system, despite the possibilities of upsetting the balance of power, ruining relations with Russia and China, and restarting the Cold War, all for a real Swiss cheese chunk of defense. Of Bush's many humanity-threatening platforms, from his environmental policies to his distaste for 'nation-building' to his hawk-like statement that the military must be used to 'fight and win wars' (which wars is he planning on fighting?!?), this stance is by far the scariest. And yet, by the media and voting public alike, the anti-ballistic missile defense system is also the least observed.


Guy J. Jackson






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