Halloween is coming!!!

Dress up, have fun, and be safe.


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3. what some of the sights and sounds of halloween are meant to do (feeling)
7. Halloween is a holiday for them
10. have to get all of these out of the pumpkin
11. Halloween was originally a holiday to prevent this activity of the evil spirits
14. a great halloween treat with apples
16. activity you do with pumpkins to decorate them
19. what you give out to prevent tricks
20. get togethers to safely celebrate halloween
22. a spook
23. halloween is now a holiday for the _______




1. what you get if you don't have treats
2. short people who dress up
4. what short people (and some tall ones too) dress up in for halloween
5. large orange things people carve and decorate for halloween
6. a fake person to scare away birds and evil spirits - clothes stuffed with straw
8. Halloween was originally a holiday to scare these away
9. the primary concern of parents and the responsibility of the community
12. in order to have fun and be safe, children should be ____________
13. after they are decorated, a candle is inserted and plain pumpkins become __________
14. what we usually give out as treats
15. we put these up in order to create a halloween motif
16. what parents should do to all treats before children eat them
17. a scared or scarey sound
18. should accompany children as they go
21. the sound a spook makes

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