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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 15, 2000

Council tables rezoning
of Woodlawn property

[SEPT. 7, 2000]  A motion to rezone the property owned by Glenn and Marilyn Buelter at 416 and 422 Woodlawn Road from residential to commercial was tabled at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting by a one-vote margin. Mayor Joan Ritter cast the deciding vote to table, saying she would like to get the prospective developer to answer the concerns of residents of the area before a final vote is taken.

[complete story]

Students at Lincoln Junior High perform physical fitness tests.
They had to walk a mile in 15 minutes or less.

Athletes in Action


Unlawful possession
with intent to deliver

[SEPT. 7, 2000]  It started in January, eight long months ago. The watch, the build, the wait — there were reports, investigations, contacts and resources set up. He gathered evidence; then day by day they watched, waited until there was enough evidence and the time was right. Then they made their move. Such is the standard scenario for any good drug sting. At the end of August, Lincoln Police Department and Logan County Sheriff’s Department snagged three people on drug charges. The arrests were made on warrants stating unlawful possession with intent to deliver. Out of the four warrants issued, three were brought in. The one not brought in has moved out of state.

[complete story]

Bird banger alert!

Residents in Mayfair are seeing some action toward relief from the dirty, noisy squadrons of birds that have invaded their neighborhood. Wednesday evening police began an attack on the flocks of birds using "bird bangers." The birds come in from feeding in the fields and roost for the night in the neighborhood trees.

The bird bangers can be used to directionally scare off the birds. The goal is to send them back out into the countryside. It will take some time to shake the birds out and keep them from coming back into the neighborhood.

The loud bangs are shot off at intervals until they stay away. Chief Richard Ludolph said last night's shooting was a start in the war. The birds were very resistant and some kept coming back. The war was started to bring some immediate relief to the residents. It is unknown how many nights it will need to take place to gain control over the birds. However, there are only enough explosives to last through tonight. More have been ordered and are on their way. LDN will post the status of their arrival and the next planned shoots when that information is available.


Committee mulls city
liquor code revision

[SEPT. 7, 2000]  Work continued on amending and updating Lincoln’s liquor code at a meeting of the City Council’s ordinance and zoning committee Wednesday evening. At least two more meetings will be needed before public hearings can be scheduled, according to ordinance committee chairman Glenn Shelton.

[complete story]

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Baseball welcomes 
LDN with open arms

East Coast swing takes LDN
to New York and to Boston

By Jeff Mayfield
[SEPT. 7, 2000]  Last week I cracked the door of my life and gave you a peek into my baseball pilgrimage. This week I will do something I’ve never done before: share my annual baseball trip with the general public. For years I have visited baseball stadiums around the country. If I visit a city for the first time on business or pleasure and a baseball game just happens to be scheduled there while I’m in town…I figure that God wants me in attendance for some special reason. I might have an experience like Terrance Mann and Ray Kinsella did in "Field of Dreams" (in fact, I’ll be sharing with you in an upcoming piece about my recent visit to that mystical field). At any rate, a few years ago I hooked up with former Lincoln resident Gary Klockenga, and he’s been accompanying me on these adventures ever since. We have made something like five trips, and someday, if time permits, I will share with you what we have found. This year’s trip took us to New York and to Boston where we encountered games with serious playoff implications. This week the LDN heads east…

[complete story]


Thanks for articles, public action on bird problem



New Holland history books available by reservation

[SEPT. 7, 2000]  As New Holland prepares for its 125th anniversary, 1875 - 2000, New Holland pictorial history books are now available. Only 100 books remain to be sold. The book will not be reprinted. 



Bradley Neal recognized for outstanding performance

[SEPT. 7, 2000]  Bradley E. Neal, CFP, a financial representative and branch manager of Lincoln’s LPL Financial Services office, has been recognized by Kemper Distributors Inc. for his superior service as a financial adviser.


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