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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 09, 2000

[Board members and ambassadors of the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce gathered with Lincoln Area YMCA staff for a ribbon cutting September 6th. The YMCA is celebrating the acquisiton of their new activity center at 721 Wyatt Avenue (Odd Fellows gym).]


The question is...

[SEPT. 9, 2000]  "What is your reaction to teens not being allowed 'to hang out' along Woodlawn Road?"

[photos and quotes]


A day in the life of an undercover drug agent

[SEPT. 9, 2000]  The lifestyle of an under cover agent takes them into the path of danger, excitement, and meeting a great diversity of people.

[complete story]


Wooden Bat League competition
comes to Lincoln

[SEPT. 9, 2000]  Prior to this September, Lincoln baseball fans could satisfy their yearning for the American pastime by focusing exclusively on professional baseball. Local summer leagues and the Little League World Series are history. This fall, however, something new has come to Lincoln: a wooden bat league. A team primarily of Lincoln High School baseball players has joined the "Second Season" Wooden Bat League. The next game for Lincoln will be played at Lincoln Christian College at noon on Sunday, Sept. 10, against Mattoon.

[complete story]


Part 3 - At Fenway Park

East Coast swing takes LDN to New York and to Boston

By Jeff Mayfield
[SEPT. 9, 2000]  Last week I cracked the door of my life and gave you a peek into my baseball pilgrimage. This week I will do something I’ve never done before: share my annual baseball trip with the general public. For years I have visited baseball stadiums around the country. If I visit a city for the first time on business or pleasure and a baseball game just happens to be scheduled there while I’m in town…I figure that God wants me in attendance for some special reason. I might have an experience like Terrance Mann and Ray Kinsella did in "Field of Dreams" (in fact, I’ll be sharing with you in an upcoming piece about my recent visit to that mystical field). At any rate, a few years ago I hooked up with former Lincoln resident Gary Klockenga, and he’s been accompanying me on these adventures ever since. We have made something like five trips, and someday, if time permits, I will share with you what we have found. This year’s trip took us to New York and to Boston where we encountered games with serious playoff implications. This week the LDN heads east…

[complete story]


Court reports
[SEPT. 8, 2000]  The Law and Courts page includes a new set of weekly court reports, marriage licenses and dissolutions. The Lincoln Daily News does not list the names of the individuals unless convicted and age 18 or older.

[complete story]


By Sam Redding

Dreams of green

A challenge to those who would lead our city

[SEPT. 9, 2000]  Our first house in Lincoln was on Union Street, a grand street with blocks of massive old houses, no two alike. Our children were small in our Union Street days, and when we put the baby in the stroller and took the crew for a walk, we usually sought out Park Place or Lincoln Avenue—streets with parkways (some people call them boulevards). The strips of vegetation down the middle of these two streets produce a calm, quiet, peaceful aura that is right for family strolls.


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