What's Up With That?

What happened to the front wheels of this Chrysler van?
Here's how we heard the story; hope it is accurate.

A local retired farmer couple (we will not mention their names) were leaving for vacation in Florida a few days ago. They had the big motor home coach all packed and loaded. The van (yes, the one pictured) had been carefully attached to the back of the motor home. Everything was hitched and wired for the trip down South - except for one small problem. The van was in "park" and the coach wasn't. "You should have seen the skid marks out by Kruger Elevator," was the comment of Al Wolf, a local agribusiness man. The problem was noticed after the van had been dragged for three miles. After some serious head scratchin', the van was unhitched and left in Lincoln at Row Motors; the motor coach went south.

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Hold on there, Lincoln and Logan County readers. Notice you can't see the writing on the sides of the cars. Not one of the cars is from the area. They belong to visiting law enforcement departments here for special K-9 training.