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Mayoral election question


To the editor:

I would like to see some information on the Lincoln mayoral race. What are these people’s positions on the issues so that I can make a good decision.

Thank you,

Kenneth Golden

Workstation specialist

Lincoln Christian College and Seminary 


Thanks for asking, Kenny.

Lincoln Daily News has sent out requests for position papers to each of the mayoral candidates. The letters received will be run in the Where They Stand section of the paper.   

There are currently four dates scheduled for the candidates’ position papers to be run:

Jan. 19 — General introduction and candidate platform

Feb. 2 & 3 — Specific issues

Feb. 16 & 17 — More issues

Feb. 23 & 24 — Closing comments

Jan Youngquist

Managing editor


Board races lack real choices


To the editor:

Mike Fax mentions that there is only one contested city council race, but I would not [say] that, in effect, for the last several county board races, the same situation has been in effect. To my memory, in the Republican primary for several years, there usually has been only one more candidate than there have been open seats for the board, and it has been the same in the general election, because there is usually only one Democrat running for office, at best.

I try to be an informed voter, but when you have eight people running for seven offices and all saying about the same thing, it is pretty hard to see much of a difference.  In effect, you do not choose who to elect, you choose who to reject.  It becomes a glorified popularity contest, and I find that to be a fairly bad basis for choosing our officials.

One weakness of at-large elections is that at-large elected officials feel no compulsion to try to be responsive to the voters in their district, because they have no district.  They do say that they try to serve the entire county, but the city council also serves the entire city as well as their district [ward] to whom they are responsible.

I would also ask — How often is there a contested primary race for any office that we vote on at any level? Contested races in primaries have become fairly rare. The only choice is often in the general election, if you have a strong two-party system, and we know that in Logan County the Democrats do not run well and do not often contest races even in the general election.

Mike says, "Be careful.  You might get what you wished for."  All I can say is that the present electoral situation has already left a very bad taste in my mouth, and actually changing it can be no worse and could be a lot better.

David Smith

New look?


To the editor:

Is LDN experimenting with a new look? I appreciate LDN's ongoing efforts to improve, but I do want to say that I miss having the lead article and/or photo come up when LDN comes up as my home page. Sometimes I don't take the time to click on "today's stories," but I read them if they're already on my screen (and often click for the rest of the story).

I also find this format hard to look at because there are so many different typestyles and graphics, including graphics that overlay type.

Just thought some feedback would be helpful.

Jan Schumacher


Editor’s response:

LDN is experimenting with its front page look. The changes will be taking place over the next few weeks. We encourage readers to write with their opinions.

Do you like seeing a big picture and caption on the front page?

Would you rather just see clean, crisp, all-alike section banners for the sections that are in use that day?

Or do you want to see custom-designed section banners used in much the same manner as in the past?

Click here to let us know.


The numbers show that more people from outside Lincoln than from the city have been on the Logan County Board, Hurley says

Editorial note: 

The process of electing Logan County Board members will be on the agenda of the board's legislative committee when it meets Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Once every 10 years, by law, the board must address the topic and vote to maintain the current 'at-large' process or switch to the members being elected from districts, based upon population.

[Excerpt from LDN, Top Stories, Jan. 5, 2001, "Should Logan County continue to elect its representatives ‘at-large’?"]

A former Logan County Board member has written to provide some facts about the locality from which the members have come since the board was established in 1972. Dick Hurley writes in regard to the upcoming district or at-large issue that may go to a vote on the April ballot.


To the editor:

The membership and chairmanship of the Logan County Board have been dominated by people outside the city of Lincoln.

Of the 46 people who have served on the board since its inception in 1972, 27 have come from outside the city. Only 19 were from within the city. Since 1972, 12 people have been chairman of the Logan County Board. Nine of these reside outside the city. Only three have been Lincoln residents.

Even the present chairman of the Logan County Board resides outside the city limits. He cannot vote for the mayor of Lincoln and cannot serve as a Lincoln alderman. Chairmanship of the Logan County Board has been in the hands of Lincoln residents for only six years, while chairmen from outside the city have controlled the chairmanship for 22 years.

The Logan County Board of Supervisors, which preceded the Logan County Board, decided that the Logan County Board would be elected at-large, and not from township districts as the Board of Supervisors had been. Evidently, from the experience with government from districts, they saw the wisdom of at-large elections.

The at-large election of county board members has served the county well. It makes all members of the county board responsible to the whole county and not to a small segment or district.

If a person is reasonably well known, has a reputation for integrity and gets out into all areas of the county of Logan, that person will be elected. A good example of that truth is a present member of the board. He is a newer member, lives in the northwest area of the county, has a good name, works hard, is known for integrity and got out in two general elections and campaigned. And in both general elections he garnered the highest number of votes of all candidates.

Every 10 years the Logan County Board is directed by state statute to make the determination as to how its members will be chosen — at large or from districts. For the decades of the ’80s and ’90s, the Logan County Board made the decision to stay with the at-large selection of its members. That method has been, and is, serving well the county of Logan and its people.

The myth that the county board over the years has been dominated by Lincoln residents is just that — a myth. The facts paint a totally different picture.

If the system isn’t broke — don’t fix it.

Richard "Dick" Hurley





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