Lincoln Christian Church 
         204 N. McLean

Preaching Minister:
Tom Gerdts

  8:30AM & 11:00AM


Trinity Episcopal Church
402 Pekin St., Lincoln
Pastor:  James Cravens

 7:30 & 9:45AM Sunday
 9:00AM Tuesday-Friday


Full Gospel Evangelistic Center
426 N. Monroe St.
Senior pastor: O.S. Owens
Associate pastor:
 Steve Owens

 11AM & 6PM Sunday
Sunday School:  
 10AM Sunday
Bible study:  
 7PM Wednesday
Solid Rock youth group:  
 7:30PM Wednesday
 (in  Fellowship Center)


Immanuel Lutheran Church  ELCA
1409 Pulaski St., Lincoln
Pastor Joe Bleakley
 9:00AM Sunday

Zion Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
205 Pulaski St., Lincoln
Pastor Mark Carnahan
Pastor Kirk Cunningham
 8:00 & 10:30AM Sunday
 7:00PM Wednesday
Radio, WLLM-AM 1370:
 8AM Sunday
TV, Cable Channel 15:
 10:00AM Sunday
 5:00PM Monday

United Methodist

First United Methodist Church
302 Broadway St.,  Lincoln
Pastor:  Larry Maffett
Sept-May:  8:30 & 10AM 


United Pentecostal Church
1422 Pekin St., Lincoln
Pastor:  David Mitchell
 10:45AM & 6PM Sunday
Sunday School:
Bible Study:
 7PM Wednesday


To inquire about listing your congregation's worship information, please e-mail us at or call us at 217-732-7443.



Church announcements

Christian rock band will perform

[DEC. 29, 2000]  On Saturday, Jan. 20, the Vineyard Cafe will welcome The Remnant.  The Remnant is a Christian rock band that is steadily growing in popularity throughout central Illinois and has made the Vineyard Cafe an annual stop in its increasing itinerary.  Don't miss the chance to see this fast-rising group in a free appearance to launch the new year!

The Vineyard Cafe is a Christian coffeehouse open to everyone.  Doors open at 7 p.m., and hot and cold drinks and baked goods will be sold.  The Cafe is at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, on U.S. 51, one-half mile south of I-74, just south of Bloomington. For more information, contact Steve at (309) 663-4943 or visit the website at

Good Shepherd considers the question

'Is the Bible the Word of God?'

[NOV. 15, 2000]  Examining the Bible's claim to be the Word of God is the new class topic at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Discussion, videos and lecture are expected to continue from this Sunday into January.

Some specific subjects to be covered are: the Bible authors' own claims that they were writing the inspired word of God; wrong reasons for rejecting these claims; faulty presumptions that prevent an honest assessment of the Bible; and logical reasons for not ruling out in advance the possibility that an almighty God exists who intervenes in, and communicates with, his creation.

Parts of the course will feature videos from a series entitled "The Faith Study," developed by Dr. Don Bierle. Bierle has a Ph.D. in life sciences and formerly taught evolution as a biology professor for 25 years. He was converted from a skeptical mocker of Christianity to faith in Christ. He is executive director of H.l.S. Ministries. Items covered in Bierle's books and tapes include purpose and meaning in life, testing whether God exists, the New Testament's authenticity and reliability, what Jesus said about himself, and how he backed up his claims.

Roger David, pastor at Good Shepherd, will lead the upcoming class series. He recently attended one of Bierle's seminars and was able to talk with this New Testament scholar and former biology professor not only about evidences supporting the Bible but also about creation and evolution. At the seminar, David determined that Bierle's videos needed to be worked into an upcoming class series. David, who is also an attorney, has for many years been a student of evidences related to claims about Christ and the Bible.


A primary focus of the class series will be upon the historical integrity of New Testament eyewitness reports. Related questions to be considered are authorship, dates of the writings and how the New Testament was transmitted to us from 20 centuries ago.

Another main focus in the class series will be on the claim that Jesus is God incarnate and the Christ. It is commonly thought that if he is who he claimed to be, then it makes sense to give serious consideration to his views about the writings of Old Testament prophets, including accounts of miracles, and about the authority of New Testament apostles to proclaim a message of repentance and forgiveness of sin.

Other subjects to be covered are allegations that the Bible contains contradictions; suggestions that it is irrational to regard the Bible as God's Word; prophecy and fulfillment; consistency of messages of Law and Gospel throughout the Bible; infallibility or inerrancy of the Scriptures; the Bible's record of standing up to attack; and its influence.

The classes are not restricted to members of Good Shepherd. Anyone interested need only show up. As in other adult classes at the congregation, no one is called upon to participate, but those who wish to read, ask questions, make comments or join in discussion are free to do so.

The class series is scheduled to begin Sunday, Nov. 19, from 9 to 9:45 a.m. The church is located at 1140 N. State St.


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