Interview by Mike Fak

A word with Dick Logan

Logan County Board chairman states goals for upcoming year

[JAN. 13, 2001]  Between bites of a taco salad, Dick Logan, new County Board chairman, reiterated: "There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish this year with the help of the board and all the departments. I want to work with everyone to help make this community a better place to live and work."

I had asked Logan if he wanted to talk about his new position as board chairman and what he hoped to accomplish this coming year. As always, he was more than happy to talk shop.

The six-year veteran went on: "The thing I'm most proud of during my six years on the board is the way we have come together with Lincoln city government as well as administrators in all the other cities to try and work together. It wasn't always that way, you know."


Agreeing with Dick as I dug into my meatloaf special, I asked what his immediate focus as board chairman would be.

"Well, we need to get the old Mutual savings building up and running. That will take care of the overcrowding at the courthouse, plus be a real convenience to citizens doing business with the county. We also need to continue to develop the waste management program into the best it can be. Waste management today, with Ken Schwab as director, has really grown in the past few years into a great help to not only the ecology but the community as a whole."

Logan went on: "We have the Fifth Street project beginning in a year or so. That's really important." The project Logan referred to will resurface as well as widen the highway from the city limits all the way to Middletown. "We also will make sure that the Emden spur, (the resurfacing of Route 136 by Emden) goes off this year as planned," Logan said.

"There are a lot of projects in this community that need the board's attention, but we also need to hold the line on taxes. We have to try and give as much service to the community as we can without asking for more tax dollars. Times are tough. The board has to operate just like a family or a small business does. We have to hold the line on expenses but offer maximum services to every part of this county."



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I asked Dick if he had a wish list.

Without hesitation he answered, "I would really like to see the city of Lincoln and the county get together on an industrial park. We need to grow in this community, and I think an industrial area all ready for new businesses will help put us on the map. We have good transportation in this area, but without pre-developed industrial zones we can't compete with other area communities that do.

"The most important item for the county to think about is ó how do we help Logan County grow. I don't see that happening without an industrial development. New businesses and jobs will generate taxes, which will take the burden off of county residents, plus allow us to increase services without additional tax increases. We also need to work with existing businesses in the county to make sure we are doing all we can for them. They have already made a commitment to us. We need to make that same type of commitment to them. I know these ideas cost money, but I look at the funding of such projects as investments in the community, not as expenses."


I chided Logan about the calendar on the wall in his business. On it, he has always marked off the dates of County Board meetings as well as committee meetings he intended to go to. The new calendar had more days marked with meetings than not. I asked if he was going to every meeting. "No, but Iím going to most of them. I believe as County Board chairman it is my duty to know whatís going on with the various departments."

The thought of so many evenings spent in meetings would cause most of us to be mentally exhausted. Looking at Dick Logan, I only saw enthusiasm.

[Mike Fak]


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