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Dec. 16, 2001

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Oct. 1, 2001

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Monday, January 19, 2004

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January 19, 2004, is celebrated as Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, a national holiday.  Rev. King is recognized as the leader of the American civil rights movement, a struggle to gain equal rights for every citizen of this country.  Schools, businesses, banks and government offices are closed today in honor and remembrance of this man and his contribution to unifying the people of this great nation.




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Saturday headlines:

  • He's leaving the EDC position, but don't let that fool you
    An exit interview with Jeff Mayfield

  • Illinois outlaws kudzu and six species of buckthorn

  • Dogs and wine returning this summer

  • Einstein's Cajun menu for Saturday, Jan. 17

  • Letters:

  • Future journalist analyzes community and paper

  • Where'd the games go?

  • Senate week in review

  • Unhappy workers are stressing themselves and the American economy

  • Railers defeat Springfield High School 53-44: pictures from game






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