Logan County Regional Planning Commission

529 South McLean Street

Lincoln, IL   62656


Phil Mahler, Director

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  • Logan County Regional Planning Commission - Meets the first (1st) Wednesday of each month

  • Comprehensive Plan Committee - Meets on the fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month..


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Logan County Regional Planning Commission minutes


November 2, 2005

October 5, 2005

September 7, 2005

August 3, 2005


Comprehensive Plan Committee minutes

July 27, 2005

August, 2005


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        Logan County Regional Planning Commission


Present: Bill Glaze - Chairman, Tom Cash, Derrick Crane, Bob Farmer, Vicki Hasprey, Bret Aukamp, Gerald Lolling, Bill Martin, Patrick O'Neill, Judi Graff, Dale Voyles, Beth Davis (7:35 pm.)


Absent: Steve Anderson, Carol Gustafson, Dick Logan, Delmar Veech.


Guests: Dewey Colter - County Coordinator, Phil Mahler - Regional Planning Director, Lisa Glaze, Dan Meyer, Jan Youngquist - LDN Reporter, James Washburn - Courier Reporter.


Mr. Glaze called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Roll call taken.


A Motion was made by Mr. Crane, seconded by Mr. O'Neill, to approve the minutes from October 5, 2005 as printed. Motion Passed.


A Motion was made by Mr. Cash, seconded by Mr. Crane, to approve the bills presented for payment. Roll Call. Motion Passed.


Comprehensive Plan: Mr. Glaze stated that we have a final agreement and the City of Lincoln is set to get that approved sometime the first part of November. Mr. Mahler stated that he understood it was tabled. Mr. Crane stated that is correct, they will take it off the table and then vote on it. There is a Comprehensive Plan Committee meeting on November 30th, the last Wednesday of the month. There are also three focus groups who will be meeting also. About 60 people have been invited throughout the County to be at the focus groups. Bill Martin, Phil Mahler and Mr. Glaze have organized those and will be conducting those and will be getting the results back to the Comprehensive Plan Committee for the November 30th meeting. We feel like we are still on target to get a draft done in the first part of 2006.  We will then review the draft and approve it and have a public hearing. It is hoped to have a final document in June of 2006 for everyone to look at and approve.


GIS: Mr. Glaze stated there was a committee meeting on October 25th. Mr. Colter reported about that meeting. He and Rosanne Brosamer met today regarding the time frame and final review. The next committee meeting is set for November 29th.


Update on Legends Subdivision: Mr. Aukamp informed everyone with an update on the status report. Phase 1, there are several items remaining on the inspection check list that was discussed at the October meeting. These items have been outlined in a letter to Mr. Hasprey which was sent out last week. Some have been completed and the remaining items are expected to be completed before the November 18th deadline. Phase 2, the electrical utilities have been installed, the roadway ditches are still rough graded and no other work done for Phase 2.


Conditional Use Permit for Joan Yard: Mr. Colter explained about her request for construction of a manufactured home on some property in Lake Fork. According to the County's zoning ordinance which still lists mobile homes, a conditional use permit is required. He further explained about what happens when the Federal or Sate guidelines change. Many years ago the Federal Government changed the work Mobile Home to Manufactured Home. The only stipulation in manufactured housing is that it cannot be regulate by quality of constructions material. He initiated a conditional use permit application with Mr. Yard and has been in contact with her this week. The home is going on three lots and meets all the requirements as far as set backs, etc. And she has already contacted ht Health Department and has all the preliminary work competed for the well and the septic system. It will be on a permanent, frost free foundation and will be anchored to that and will become real property.

A Motion was made by Mr. Voyles, seconded by Mr. Cash, to approve her conditional use permit request as stated.

Discussion held about future proposals and the process to be followed. There will be a change that's going to be necessary across the whole spectrum on modular and manufactured. Modular is actually wood constructive walls, rooms, attachments, etc. That still stands as a permanent stick built foundation. Ms. Yard understands the situation. Roll Call Vote. All Voting Yes. Motion Passed. Mr. Colter stated the public hearing will be tomorrow night at 7:00 pm at Lake Fork Community Center.


Mr. O'Neill inquired about the status of the Ethanol Plant in Logan County. Discussion held. Mr. Mahler sated there was a meeting at Hartsburg and they were looking at a road north of there. Mr. Mahler believes it is possible that it may be in an area near Hartsburg. Mr. Aukamp state it seems to be in a quiet time now. Mr. Farmer stated we should know sometime in December.


Mr. Mahler reported that we need to schedule the annual Christmas dinner and believe it will be in Atlanta this time, December 7th.


Mr. Colter stated that the building permits have not slowed down yet. Two or three every week and just recently one for a tower in Latham. What has surfaced recently is flood plains and those could get "sticky."


A Motion was made by Mr. O'Neill, seconded by Mr. Crane, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 7:52 pm.



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                                Logan County Regional Planning Commission


Present: Bill Glaze - Chairman; Tom Cash; Derrick Crane; Elizabeth Davis; Steve Anderson; Bob Farmer; Carol Gustafson; Vicki Hasprey; Bret Aukamp; Dick Logan; Gerald Lolling; Patrick O'Neill; Delmar Veech; Dale Voyles.


Absent: Bill Martin; Judi Graff.


Guests: Jan Youngquist - LDN; James Washburn - Courier; Phil Mahler - Direction of Regional Planning; Dewey Colter - County Coordinator; Dr. Ron and Sharon Pierce; Frank Rickord; Dan Meyer; Jerome and Mary Vlahovich.


Mr. Glaze called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm

Roll taken showing two absent.


A Motion was made by Mr. Crane, seconded by Mr. Cash, to approve the minutes from the September 7, 2005 meeting as printed. Motion passed.

A Motion was made by Mr. Logan, seconded by Mr. Lolling, to approve the bills as presented. Roll Call Vote. All voting Yes. Motion Passed.


Comprehensive Plan: Mr. Glaze stated the Comprehensive Planning Committee will meet again the end of November, the 4th Wednesday. They are in the process of working on some focus group information and working with McLean Co. To make a presentation. The plan is to have a public hearing in January of a draft. A few additional surveys were submitted but doesn't change the overall results of the survey.


GIS: it is understood that there is a meeting on October 25th. Mr. Farmer stated all the mayors have been invited and plan to choose a committee out of that meeting. The committee will then meet on a regular basis after that. The meeting is at the courthouse at 9:00 am in the County Board Room.


Status Report on the Legends Subdivision: Mr. Aukamp stated that letters of credit for Phase 1 and Phase 2 are in effect. Phase 1, the 8-inch drain tile and concrete inlets are not installed correctly. Hopefully, these problems will be corrected soon. The existing road ditches have been graded and seeded in places and some other areas still need attention. Phase 2, the utilities are being installed this past week. Road surface has been oiled and chipped. Deadlines: Phase 1 final plat was approved on the 18th of November, 2003 and Phase 2 final plat was approved on the 18th of May, 2004. These are to be completed with a maximum of two years after final plat approval. Mr. Aukamp would recommend the following deadlines: for Phase 1, all construction items should be completed by the 18th of November, 2005 and for Phase 2, all construction items should be completed by the 18th of May, 2006. If improvements are not completed within the specified time, then will proceed with default procedure. Mr. Aukamp stated he had discussed the November 18, 2005 deadline coming up for Phase 1 and he's working towards that. The road surface is done for Phase 1. It's hoped to have Phase 1 completed by November meeting and can make a recommendation to the County Board.

Mr. Voyles stated that yesterday, Mr. Glaze and himself, Mr. Colter, and Mr. Farmer met and had a discussion on how the County could help move things forward and ideas they had on assisting getting the Comprehensive Plan done. Successful implementation of the GIS upgrades and future development of that. There were four items to discuss tonight:


1)      The County currently doesn't have on file a law requiring an affordable housing plan and that is required by law.

2)      The re-write of the zoning ordinance to fit into the Comprehensive Plan;

3)      Re-write of zoning ordinance to consider manufactured home sites versus manufactures home site sub-divisions and mobile homes which is entirely two different issues.

4)      Land use.


These are items that Mr. Colter has brought to our attention that really need to be addressed. These are not items that the zoning committee can address for the County Board. They need to be addressed here as part of a comprehensive development plan for the future. Mr. Voyles stated that years ago when Pat Glithro headed up the planning commission, there were four people involved and on staff at that time. Currently we have one person and that is Mr. Mahler. The county has a separate line item in the proposed budget for about $8,000 for zoning. Our suggestion is to add that money to our contribution to the Planning Commission with full County Board approval. Put this responsibility totally under the Regional Planning Commission Projective Director, provide the resources our $8,000 would be a start. The suggestion then would be to go to the City of Lincoln, Atlanta, Mt. Pulaski to try to bring in some additional financial resources so that we can properly fund the Regional Planning commission to do the job that should be done. The proper way to do this would be for Mr. Mahler to head this up and have proper staffing to get it done. The resources should be committed and our group, after meeting tonight, supports this concept. That position, whoever is in it, might then qualify for IMRF benefits thru the County. We did not talk about any further salary increases at this time in it, but certainly  would be a benefit increase to that person. Then provide this direction to give them the resources, the responsibility and equal parts of accountability to get this job done. We have Bill Glaze, the right person at the right place at the right time now to lead this group in the development of a full comprehensive plan re-write for the County with the assistance of the municipalities and the County Board. Mr. Mahler, with the resources and given the responsibility and accountability with it, that he could get that job done also and that is our recommendation.


Mr. Glaze thought that the contribution the County had for the Regional Planning Commission was cut back by around $1,300 or $1,500 than what it was two years ago and didn't want to see that continue to happen. They want to make plans for 5 or 10 years down the road. So whenever they need re-do the Comprehensive Plan, that we have some money held back to do it. We could maybe get an additional $8,000 contribution from the County for the Regional Planning Commission if Phil assumes these duties. Mr. Voyles also added that to get this job done, to get it out of the hands of the County Board people, Zoning Committee people and broaden the scope and bring the community into it. Civic leadership people involved in this seems like a good idea to us.


Mr. Cash inquired if the $8,000 increase if it was for Phil's salary. Mr. Glaze stated the $8,000 contribution is to the Commission, not necessarily a salary increase. Mr. Cash commented about insurance agencies and manufactured homes and mobile homes. He thinks that building ordinances can be amended easier than being re-written.


Further discussion held regarding merging the two positions. Mr. Voyles stated it may require an ordinance change on our part and we can clear those legal hurdles by checking with Mr. Huyett. Mr. Mahler's salary is entirely up to this group. He cannot do this himself and it would be up to a focus group to be set up whether one full-time person or two part-time people is needed. Mr. Glaze stated that when and if we re-structure this group, funding is one issue. Hopefully, we can have this discussion also with the City of Lincoln, City of Atlanta, and City of Mt. Pulaski and fund this at the same level we were 15 years ago. That needs to be reviewed and what does it take to make this work. As far as adjusting the salary, that is not a part of this deal. That's something we can consider later.


Mr. Veech thought that Mr. Colter assumed those responsibilities as enforcement officer when he was hired. Mr. Glaze stated that he has been doing this and has been overwhelmed. Mr. Voyles stated that it was part of his initial job description when hired and this was a new position. A lot of these things that we are talking about are coming from Mr. Colter because we haven't tackled them and we're not aware of them. He's trying to make decisions on our behalf on zoning permits that are posing us some legal problems. Along came an opportunity for us to do something for the entire County along with the City of Lincoln in this economic area and we re-allocated his time and resources to assist in this project and it was overwhelming. It took a lot of time on a lot of people's behalf. Mr. Colter was a big part of that. We're trying to sort out where these jobs and responsibilities belong. The reason we are able to affect positive change in direction and do what is right for the taxpayer in this County, this person is supplying us those answers.


Further discussion held about what was in the zoning ordinance that might bring forward a lawsuit. Mr. Voyles stated that number 1 right now would be manufactured home sites versus mobile home sites affordable housing plan as we don't have anything on the books now and we're required by law to have the plan. Someone has to put that together. It won't all fall on Mr. Mahler if we do this right. We need to get a focus group in to assist with this and make a recommendation to the Regional Planning Commission with Mr. Mahler's assistance and input.


Mr. Mahler stated that he was there Monday thru Friday and took all the phone calls and Bud Miller was there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bud did all the work for the Board of Appeals. Yesterday was the first time he heard about this suggestion and he's not opposed to it. The budget was $15,000 when Mr. Miller was there. Jerrie Pharis was paid to do some of the typing for them. More discussion held. Mr. Glaze stated that the idea is that the Commission is taking on more responsibility. We're getting additional funding and something we need to address in a different format rather than this meeting. We did talk about the IMRF Retirement though. Mr. Glaze stated that he thinks we need to act on this, if we want to accept this responsibility. Mr. Voyles stated he would like for us to proceed with this discussion and allow a focus group to be established by the chairman of the Planning Commission and bring back a recommendation to this group to pass along to the County Board.


A Motion was made by Mr. O'Neill, seconded by Mr. Crane, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:07 pm.



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Logan County Regional Planning Commission


Present: Bill Glaze - Chairman; Tom Cash; Derrick Crane; Steve Anderson; Bob Farmer; Vicki Hasprey; Gerald Lolling; Gloria Luster; Patrick O'Neill; Delmar Veech; Dale Boyles; Carol Gustafson (7:33); Bret Aukamp (7:33); Bill Martin (7:34); Judi Graff (7:34).


Absent: Elizabeth Davis; Dick Logan.


Guests: James Washburn - Lincoln Courier; Jan Youngquist - Lincoln Daily News; Dewey Colter - County Coordinator.


Mr. Glaze called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.


A Motion was made by Pat O'Neill, Seconded by Derrick Crane, to approve the minutes from August 3, 2005 meeting as printed. Motion Passed.


A Motion was made by Derrick Crane, Seconded by Pat O'Neill, to approve the bills as submitted for payment. Roll Call taken. Those present all voting yes. Motion Passed.


Comprehensive Plan: Mr. Glaze stated that himself, Phil Mahler, and Mayor Bill Martin from Atlanta are working on this to get it organized. More information later.


Community Survey: There is nothing more to report at this time.


Legends Sub-Division: Bret Aukamp reported that progress is being made on Plat 1 and Plat 2 roads. Since we last met, Plat 1 road has been oiled and chipped. Some remaining work has to be done. Mainly grading ditches, seeding, etc. Letter of credit has been extended and in effect. Plat 2, the roadway has been graded, rock in place, compacted and we put down the prime coat today. If everything goes well, we should be able to put down the rest of the oil and chip by the end of the week.


Enterprise Zone Extension: Phil stated he put it on the agenda as he thought we would have the ethanol people here at the meeting. Rob Orr and he went to a meeting in Hartsburg-Emden School District and they have agreed to participated in the enterprise zone if it goes up there. That's probably their number one site and probably have a few more things to work out before they come to zoning. R. Mahler thinks they will be here next month as they are getting all their financing and utilities worked out. More on this next month.


G.I.S.: Mr. Glaze stated he put this on the agenda to bring the matter up as Mr. Hickman left and he was spearheading that. He didn't know how the County Board was going to handle this. Mr. Farmer stated he is going to appoint a G.I.S. committee and will let us know who they will be. Mr. Colter stated that before Mr. Hickman left, he did update the R.F.P. (Request For Proposal) which Mr. Colter and Rosanne Brosamer have a copy of and have not printed it off yet. The RFP is a process in how the County will proceed in contracting or submitting a proposal for developing implementation of the G.I.S. process. R. Veech asked if there is going to be aerial photography done? Mr. Colter stated that the base was done last year and is on file now and explained further. Bulletin 8-10 regarding parcel mapping, which is the number 1 priority on the RFP in cooperation of the assessor's office. Then the super technical details, how all the lines and contents are structured in all the technical language that is used in G.I.S., the aerial photography was done last year, we already own that. Mr. Colter explained the part they are doing now is taking each one of the component parts, overlaying with the parcel mapping everybody's land piece as it is recorded in the assessor's office, some 12,000 or so, and getting that in place. And then from that, getting it into the master data base which is currently being used by the assessor for the taxation process which will then go into the next stages beyond that. It will grow out to the point where the Health Dept., Sheriff's Dept., and Planning and Zoning Dept. can use it.


A guest asked when the deadline was.

Mr. Glaze stated that a he understands it, there is a deadline with the Dept. of Revenue of next year sometime and has to do with the assessor's office.

Mr. Colter further explained that in part of that preparation, the county did contract with a company in Pekin who put all the cards currently being used, into a relational database format which will interface with the aerial map that was done so the process is timely in implementation has somewhat been accelerated. We are aware of the compliance for next year.

Mr. Glaze stated the state is requiring that all the County's have the parcel mapping in place and he believes that a lot of the County's do have it in place.


A guest asked if McLean County was still assisting in this mapping?

Mr. Glaze stated they haven't helped us with G.I.S.. Mr. Hickman was the main person for that. McLean County is helping with the Comprehensive Plan.

Mr. Colter explains what has to happen with the G.I.S. and developing the aerial photography map.


Re-Zoning Request From AG to M-1 for Ed and Sharon Davison.

Mr. Glaze stated Ed and Sharon were here last month regarding this request which was discussed them. A Motion was made by Mr. Cash, Seconded by Mr. Voyles, to approve the request from Ed and Sharon Davison as stated. Discussion held. The public hearing will be held tomorrow night at New Holland. Roll Call Vote. All present voting Yes. Motion Passed. No Public comments.


A Motion was made by Dale Voyles,  Seconded by Derrick Crane, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 7:45 pm.

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Logan County Regional Planning Commission


Present: Bill Glaze - Chairman; Tom Cash; Derrick Crane; Bob Farmer; Carol Gustafson; Vicki Hasprey; Tom Hickman; Dick Logan; Gloria Luster; Bill Martin; Patrick O'Neill; Judi Graff; Phil Mahler.

Absent:  Dewey Colter - County Coordinator; Elizabeth Davis; Steve Anderson; Gerald Lolling; Delmar Veech; Dale Voyles.

Guests:  Frank Rickord; Dan Meyer; Keith Hasprey; Ron Fox; Rod and Paula White; Ed and Sharon Davison; Bret Aukamp; James Washburn-courier reporter;  Jan Youngquist-LDN reporter and editor.


Mr. Glaze called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

Roll call taken.   Mr. Glaze went to new business first.


A)  Enterprise Zone extension for S.K. Davison:  Ed and Sharon Davison are present tonight.  Mr. Mahler proceeded to explain their request.  They want to expand their trucking business and would like it in the enterprise zone.  3.44 acres is the amount of expansion.  Mr. Mahler recommends the committee approve their request.  A motion was made by Mr. Logan, seconded by Mr. O'Neill, to approve the Davison's request as stated.   Roll call taken.  Motion passed with all voting yes.


B)  Preliminary plat for Rod White:  Mr. White explains his preliminary plat to the committee with input from Ron Fox, engineer.   This is a summary of the initial plat.   About 6 or 8 months ago this was re-zoned from Ag to R-1

for a sub-division and was approved.   This is adjacent to Brad Luckhart's subdivision and on the west side of the road.   There are 11 lots.  He further explained about a 60 ft. easement and that there is room for expansion if they decide to do a Phase 2.

Mr. Hickman stated this is not the real preliminary plat; it's just proof of the general idea of the layout.  They still have to bring forward the preliminary plat for approval, of the drainage agreement, etc.  Mr. Hickman stated the only thing he didn't like about this layout is the size of the lots and explained further.   His opinion is that subdivisions in the country, which don't get sewer and private water, need a minimum of one acre.  It limits where you can drill for a well.  He thinks it's also important to the health dept.

Mr. Fox stated they have not submitted the layout to the health dept yet for their approval and review.  They are not to that point yet.  Mr. White has contracted someone to do the soil analysis.  Mr. White stated the soil borings were completed last week and doesn't have the results yet but he was in contact with Kathy Waldo from the health dept.

Discussion held about water drainage and easements and Mr. White stated they want to make sure there are no water problems and that everything is done correctly.   They will bring the proposed easement forward when everything is done, hopefully in a couple months.


C) Update on Legends subdivision:  Mr. Hickman informed the committee about something that just recently came to his attention about the Hasprey subdivision, the letter of credit or also known as the performance bond for this plat one of the subdivision, ran out November 18, 2004 .   Mr. Hickman called Hasprey's bank and they said it had not been renewed. This is a requirement from the subdivision ordinance that this be kept in place.  Article 7 Section 8 (which he read to everyone) "shall be fined not less that $25 nor more that $200 for each offense and a separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during on which a violation occurs or continues."  The required amount for plat one was $ 269,000 and that included the 15% maintenance bond that has to be put up for roads and kept another 18 months after the road is accepted.  It has been recorded and everything that's time related, starts from the date of recording of the final plat.   Plat two recording date was may 18, 2004, so plat one and plat two, are far as he knows, are in violation.  What this amounts to for the County, is that the County has assumed risk in case of a default on this subdivision, there is no bond, there is no money, we would have to go to court.  The subdivision ordinance sets standards and protects the County from liability.   Mr. Hickman gave Mr. Hasprey a six month extension on the road work on plat one and that ran out on June 18, 2005.   The road still remains unfinished.  On plat #2, Mr. Hickman has no proof of bond or letter of credit for public improvement. He had one letter from their bank, which he read, regarding plat 2 of the legends subdivision, on file.  He didn't realize that it said at the beginning of construction when it should have been based on the recording of the final plat.  If there is no proof of a bond for plat 2 then the violation runs from the date of recording of the final plat on plat 2, which is May 18, 2004, that's 442 days out of compliance.   Plat one was 258 days out of compliance.  The two bonds should be re-instated immediately.  Mr. Hickman's recommendation is to levy a fine of at least $25 a day.   That's $17,500 for both plats if there have been no extensions.  He further stated the sub-division has had a lot of problems getting the road work done and further explained what some of those problems were. The sub-division ordinance is very specific under the penalty section.   Further discussion was held.

Mrs. Hasprey explained they went thru winter and weren't really able to get out on that ground until the first of April, 2004.  Then they worked on the road and it was suggested to them to leave it set over the winter, which they did.   For some reason Mr. Hickman and the dirt men can't get together and she and Keith are stuck in the middle.  As far as the bond, they were right in the middle of their loan officer leaving and assumes it was their responsibility to check with the loan officer to make sure that the bond was renewed.  These were some of the things they were going thru with their bank.   Mr. Hasprey stated the road work did not start until April 1, 2004 for Phase One.  In his opinion, the bond shouldn't even be issued until the road work starts, not when the plat is recorded. Mr. Hasprey stated if you take the start date, they are less than the 18 months right now.    More discussion held.   Keith stated the East Lincoln Road Commissioner told him it was ok to tar and chip it and yet the County Engineer is saying no, there is a problem yet here.    Mr. Hickman stated part of the hold up is getting the road to meet the specs.  In doing the borings, there have been problems also, some were 3 to 4 inches too high in some areas and too low in other areas. More discussion followed.  Tom stated that they should have had an inspector out there during construction and all he would have to do then was look at the daily log and could have approved it.  Mr. Hickman stated the company doing the work on the road did not want to bring water trucks out, they have been waiting for rain.   Mr. Hickman stated that when it meets specs and compaction is completed, it cannot be driven on before the asphalt is laid, otherwise it is loosened and the process must be done again which has already happened.  Once it is asphalted, it cannot be driven on for a couple of weeks.  There are already several homes out there with people living in them.

Mr. Glaze asked Mr. Hickman, in his opinion, what needs to be done to get the road done.   Mr. Hickman stated they need to immediately restore those bonds, the County has no recourse if Mr. Hasprey defaults on this subdivision.   Mr. Hasprey stated he was informed by his banker several days ago that they had expired when Mr. Hickman called and told the bank.   Mr. Hasprey stated he was unaware that the ones for phase one had expired.  More discussion held.    Atlanta mayor bill martin stated that in Atlanta they don't issue building permits until the street is done.  The minute we approve the preliminary plat, the County assumes responsibility to see it gets done.  If 10 or 20 years from now drainage is messed up, people will come back to the County to fix it.  That's Mr. Hickman's job as County Engineer to bring it up now.   More discussion followed.


A motion was made by Mr. Cash, seconded by Mr. O'Neill, recommended, with the bonds restored and in place, to waive the fee pending completion of the road by September 1, 2005, with a stipulation that the fine be reinstated for the total amount of days accumulated up to Sept. 1, 2005 if the road has not been completed by then.  More discussion held.   Roll call vote: 8 yes, 2 no, 1 abstained, 1 present, 5 absent. Motion Passed.


A motion was made by Mr. O'Neill, seconded by Mrs. Hasprey, to approve the minutes from the meeting of July 6, 2005 as printed.  Motion passed.


A motion was made by Mr. Cash, seconded by Mr. Crane, to approve the bills as presented for payment.  Roll call vote:  12 yes, 5 absent.  Motion passed.


Comprehensive Plan:   Mr. Glaze stated they did have a meeting on July 7 with Paul Russell from McLean co. Regional planning commission, mayor martin and mayor Davis, Phil Mahler, Dewey Colter and himself.  They decided to put together a committee and get more people from the community involved.  They did that and met again on July 28th.   He gave out minutes from that meeting.  They will be meeting the 4th Wednesday of each month and the next meeting will be august 24th.   Bill martin is serving as chairman of the group, Mr. Glaze is secretary.  They may do some focus groups and will detail that more at the next committee meeting.   Mr. Martin stated they have a good group of people and setting a goal of nine months to have this comprehensive plan completed the CEDS agreement.

    Mr. Glaze also stated that he gave everyone a copy of the survey results tonight.  There was a survey done in 2000 by mark smith, the results of his survey is in the back which are similar results.   Lincoln daily news will have the survey results also posted.

    Also,  it is planned to have the meeting agenda and minutes you received tonight posted on LDN for those not able to attend the meetings.  It may create more interest from the public to attend the meetings.


The three things we are working on the comprehensive plan:  We have the funding part in place pretty much but have not heard back from Elkhart.  The city of Lincoln has approved their appropriation of funding but actually has to approve the actual request when the bill is submitted.

We are going to move forward with signing a contract with McLean County.  Mclean County is also working on a proposal now to also do a greenways plan and are asking the Dept. of Natural Resources for a grant of $20,000 to do that.   One thing we are not sure how we're putting together, is what it will cost the CEDS.  Rob Orr, Dewey Colter and himself met with Ray LaHood's Chief of Staff in Peoria a few weeks ago to discuss that.  They met with them again and also Mayor Davis, Bob Farmer and Ron Schilling met with them when they came to Lincoln.   We might be able to do the CEDS ourselves, but not sure.  We also met with Ray LaHood's office and Reps. of Peoria's Economic Development Administration and their information was very informative.


Mr. Hickman informed everyone that he will be leaving the middle of August and that Bret Aukamp, his Assistant, will be acting county engineer.

Mr. Glaze "thanked" him for serving Logan County and wished him well.


A motion was made by Mr. O'Neill, seconded by Mrs. Hasprey, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed.   Meeting ended at 8:35 pm.



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Meeting Agenda:

  1. Introductions

  2. Purpose

  3. Statements

  4. Selection of Secretary

  5. Presentation of Survey Results

  6. Review of Action Plan Standards (Goals, Objectives, Strategies)

  7. Moving Forward:

    1. Goals

    2. Procedure

    3. Structure

  8. Closing Comments

  9. Set Next Meeting Date

  10. Close Meeting


Attendance:  Beth Davis, John Sutton, Phil Mahler, Jean Anderson, Dewey Colter, Rob Orr, Keith Ray, Rick, Paul Russell, Dave Meister, Tom Hickman, Brett Aukamp, Bill Thomas, Bill Martin and Bill Glaze.  Absent:  Bob Farmer, Steve Anderson and Dave Klug

 After the preliminary introductions, Chairman Bill Martin gave a brief overview of the Comp plan process and why it is important at this time.  Each community and the County need a Comp Plan for land use issues, but also to formulate a vision for the future of Logan County.  Right now all of the communities and the County are pulling together to work on the common goal of growth and economic development.  In addition to the Comp plan we need a Greenways Plan and a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.   Martin apologized for the volume of information being distributed to the committee tonight.  The idea is to review the information over the next 30 days and be prepared to discuss it at the August meeting.

 Martin asked Glaze to be the recording Secretary for this committee and he accepted.  Bill Glaze reviewed the  recent Community Survey that was conducted by the LCRPC.  A detailed report of the survey results were distributed to each member for their review and interpretation.  The responses to the survey show the community wants economic growth and better infrastructure, specifically road improvements.  Also the survey that was done 5 years ago by Mark Smith of the EDC was provided for comparison purposes.  The results are very similar to the current survey. 

 Glaze also asked the committee members to consider reading "Boomtown, USA, the 7 1/2 Keys to Big Success in Small Towns"   The author, Jack Schultz, spoke last year to a group from Logan County Chamber of Commerce.  His book highlights many stories about small community's successes.  It has inspired many of us to do more and better planning.  

 Paul Russell of McLean County Regional Plan Commission reviewed the process and timeline of the Comp Plan and the Greenways Plan.  Russell plans to complete both plans at the same time and he hopes to have these completed by the end of 2005.  Russell will have the Socioeconomic data to present to the Committee at the next meeting.  Also he plans to have a Greenways proposal for the Committee's approval to the request grant funding from the DNR. 

 Russell will check on the McLean County CEDS and see what assistance may be available to Logan County in that area. 

 Keith Ray would like to see more community input in the form of Focus Groups.  Ray feels it is important to get the Community leaders more involved and draw on their ideas and insight as we formulate these plans.  If we engage them in the process they will support the end result and help us work to achieve the goals in the plans.

 Bill Martin reviewed a Focus Group format that he has been considering for the Comp Plan process.  Martin suggested that we divide our committee up in three different groups by these categories: Growth and Development, Community and Environment, and Transportation and Public Services.  We then can add some people from the community to the Groups. 

 Martin distributed some information he has used previously in Focus Groups.  He stressed that he is open to suggestions to improve this process.   He envisions the Focus Groups identifying problems and formulating some goals, however it will be up to the individual communities to develop strategies to achieve the goals in the plan.   The Focus Groups will analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Logan County.  Martin hopes to formalize our approach to this at the next meeting and begin the Focus Groups in September. 

 Dewey Colter suggested that the Focus Groups by structured so they do not veer off course and waste time.  Colter has been involved with these groups before and feels that it is important to pick the right people to be involved.  People with hidden agendas or narrow focus should be avoided.  The Friday night Football rivalries need to be put aside.

 Rob Orr commented that the process could be enhanced by gaining the perspective of the individual looking to locate in this community.  What do they what?  We need to focus on the viewpoint of the prospective new business owners or resident.

 Keith Ray suggested that he may have some individual associated with Lincoln Christian College that may be able to offer some insight in this regard.  Ray will check on their availability for the upcoming meetings.

 Jean Anderson stated that she has been involved with these groups before and they have had some preliminary meetings, but failed to accomplish the original goals.  Is that going to happen with this group?

 Bill Glaze affirmed that the LCRPC is committed to this process and we are going to make something happen. 

 Bill Martin adjourned the meeting by thanking everyone for their participation.  He also reiterated that he is excited about this process and feels that the time is right for this to happen.  Martin thinks that this may be the most important thing that has happened in Logan County in many years.  Martin thanked Keith Ray for the use of the facilities.  The next meeting will be at the Lincoln Room at LCC at 7 pm on August 24th

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Comprehensive Plan Committee



Attendance:  Bill Russell, John Sutton, Phil Mahler, Dave Klug, Jean Anderson, Rob Orr, Dave Meister, Bret Aukamp, Bill Martin and Bill Glaze.


Absent:  Keith Ray, Bob Farmer, Steve Anderson, Beth Davis and Dewey Colter.


Guests:  Jeff Mayfield, Barney Wells, Paul Russell, Rick Nolan and Jennifer Sisk


Chairman Martin called the meeting to order.  Bill Glaze read the minutes and no corrections were noted by the committee. 


Jeff Mayfield introduced Barney Wells.   Mr. Wells is a LCC graduate and now works and lives in Coles County.  He works and teaches in the area of land use planning and community development. 


Mr. Well's presentation lasted approximately 45 minutes.  Wells covered many topics regarding the planning challenges Logan County may face in the future, including increases in the downstate populations of the following:


1.   Hispanic, Asian and Native American populations

2.   The New Rural Poor - transient population with high social service needs

3.   The New Rural Rich - retiree population looking for lower cost housing and  seclusion


Wells noted that these new residents (Cosmopolitan) will have different needs and expectations than our current long time residents (Agrarian).


Wells also presented the following:


1.      Indicators of Community Growth Potential, Easy Interstate Access, Natural Amenities, Reasonable distance to schools and access to recreational facilities including bike trails and parks.

2.      New Potential Industries downstate - Landfills and Prisons

3.      New Service Industries downstate - Tourism, Telemarketing, E-Commerce, Home Health and Senior Services


Bill Martin reviewed the proposed format of the focus groups.  The groups will be divided into three topics and the committee suggested the following names from the community to participate in the focus groups:


1.      Community and Environmental:  Dale Bassi, Dan Doolin, Jeff Lamb, Susan Hoblit, Gillette Ransom, Rick Hamm, Jim Drew and Bill Dickerson

2.      Growth and Development:  Jeff Mayfield, Gordon Johnson, Doug Mahler, Brian Ash, Ed Schaffenacker, John Drusicke, Dave Hawkinson

3.      Transportation and Public Services:  Don Papernik, Mark Miller, Mark Mathon, Mike Patridge, Tracy Jackson, Mitzi Rohlfs


Bill Martin, Bill Glaze and Phil Mahler will meet to review the suggested names and make additions to ensure the all areas of the county are represented.  The committee wants 6 to 12 people involved in each Focus Group and an independent third party facilitator to conduct them.  We will attempt to try to have the Focus Groups completed and compile the information by the October 26th meeting. 


Paul Russell, Rick Nolan and Jennifer Sisk of McLean County Regional Plan Commission presented information they have compiled including a timeline for completion of the Comp Plan and Greenways Plan, 12 tables with various demographic information and 4 large maps with Logan County's physical features and current transportation systems.  They plan to have the drafts of the comp plan and greenways plan completed by January 2006.   


No new business was presented.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.  The next meeting of the Committee will be held October 26, 2006 at 7:00 pm


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