"WIN FREE GAS" Contest

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Have you found the hidden puzzle answers yet? Check the LDN archives to catch up. 

We have drawn the winning entry for Week 1.  We will announce the winner Monday.

Entries for the Week 2 contest are due next Friday.  Need a hint?  Email us at puzzle@lincolndailynews.com

Information about week 2 hidden answers:

Monday - 7 answers. 

Tuesday - 5 answers. 

Wednesday - 6 answers. 

Thursday - 5 answers.

Friday - 3 answers.  The locations of those answers are highlighted in the puzzle to the left.
Final info about week 2 puzzle on Monday.


Thanks for playing (we're having fun with this, too) . 

BTW -- if you are wondering where this list of ecclectic words were chosen from -- we chose them from last week's headlines and LDN articles.

Please tell your friends about the contest!


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