Summer travel tips - A few things to toss into your trunk before you start that long trip.

  1. Since overheating is a major concern, especially if you are pulling that camping trailer; make sure you have some extra coolant. It could help to get you to an exit for help.
  2. Donít forget a quart or 2 of oil. Even the best running vehicle can use an extra drink of oil, during constant hard driving conditions.
  3. Maps- men should I say more
  4. Roll of duct tape comes in handy for many things. It can easily repair a leaky hose until you can get help
  5. Those donut spare tires are good in a pinch, but if you know there is a chance of a major tire problem, get a real spare tire.
  6. Toss in a screwdriver, pair of pliers, vise grips, maybe a couple of flares for night emergencies. And a coat hanger comes in handy when self repairing a muffler that falls off.