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Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
American Legion Home,, Mt. Pulaski, IL
(100 Scroggin Ave.)
Indian Artifacts, Collectibles, Records, Advertising, Books

Gerry Rawling Collection

BOOKS: (50) Whitman Books from the 40s & 50s including Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Betty Grable, Ginger Rogers, Red Ryder, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Bonanza, Lassie, Combat; (5) Whitman
Big Big books; Big Little books including Donald Duck, Charlie McCarthy, Jackie Cooper, Skeezik, JM Craig State Trooper, Secret Agent K-7; (5) Ted Scott Flying stories 1927-1930; (6) big boxes of books which include Rand McNally, Little Golden, Tell a Tale, Elf, Jr. Elf; paperback gangster novels; Spiderman & Superman books & records; Fu Man Chu books; Will Rogers, 1935 P J OBrien; 1924 American Tech. Soc. Manual by Haywood; Classic Illustrated Comic books; mixed box of comic books from 80s & 90s; Kennedy books;
RAILROAD: Depot stamps: Stanford, Minier, Delavan, Dwight, Hopedale, Greenview, San Jose; Y brace message sticks;
POSTCARDS & PAPER ITEMS: Picture post card album 1905-1922; 100s of misc. picture post cards; fold out post cards; Lincoln & Logan County Advertising items; misc. sheet music; several flats of Cadillac & Lincoln advertising literature; old local phone books; Barbie coloring books; Caterpillar advertising photos; (2) lg boxes of paper advertising; LOOK & LIFE magazines; ladies clothing patterns from 50s & 60s; old hand fans;
COLLECTIONS: Star Wars & Star Trek-books, records, calendars, plates, games; (12) Post cereal metal pocket clips; (32) Construction Trade Council buttons 1945-59; box of wrist watches; Boy Scout Jamboree coffee cups; (2) albums of first day postage stamp covers; (2) boxes of fishing tackle & reels; (3) Desert Storm trading card sets; (40) cigarette packages from around the world; uncirculated nickels (1963-1995); Military patches;
INDIAN ARTIFACTS: Banded slate hoe; large gorget; (2) grooved axes, 4 long, one 3 long; 3 discoidal; 24 points originally from Kenny Patterson collection, Kenney, IL; 23 points from Gasda collection of Atlanta; Artifacts sell at NOON;
TOYS: (25) Y cars from Matchbook; (9) original Johnny Lightning cars (67-68); Buddy L Army Transport; 1984 Corvette promotional car, silver; NIB Johnny Lightning cars (1993); (8) 1992 Racing Champion cars; Brinks truck by Pittston; plastic army tank models; FARM TOYS-2002 Farm Show Edition H, JD A, JD GP in box, Allis 8030, CIH 8940, IH 600 diesel, Case 4890; several trays of misc. farm toys; (4) robots from the 80s; (5) cap guns; (5) die cast banks;
1989 Topps baseball cards-unopened; (3) flats of 1977 RC Cola Baseball cans; Becketts Price guides;
45 RECORDS: 50 records from the 1980s;
SEED RELATED: Pioneer, Producers & Funks G sacks; seed corn books;
COLLECTIBLES: (10) tin types; C/I 8 horse beer wagon hitch; Edison record tubes (just paper); several boxes of license plates; (2) army bayonets, one Simpson & Shul; hand carved African art;

Don Dye Collection

COLLECTIBLES: Roy Rogers cap gun; toy soldiers; old coins; Black china doll; 1860 soldier water color; cane handles-gole & ivory; advertising items; Jade statue; B B & pellet guns; novelty cards; Cracker Jack toys; WWI flying goggles; fossils; Jewelry; Gem Stones & Meteorite from Mexico;
INDIAN ARTIFACTS: Artifacts from the Billy Sheans Collection-200+ arrowheads, axes, celts, pipes, discoidal, iron shearhead; Artifacts sell at NOON

Mike Maske Auction Service
119 S. Lafayette St
Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548
Illinois Auction License 044.0000157

TERMS: Credit Card, Cash or good negotiable check payable on the day of the Auction. For full terms and pictures see our website at:

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