How “Dirty” is Your Car?


How many hours do you spend in that tiny space traveling to and from all kinds of places?  In reality your car could be considered a part of your family.  Some of you even name your vehicles.  A good question to ask yourself when crawling into that cushy seat is what kind of germs are lurking near by?

Did you know that spilled food in your car ranks the # 1 spot for germs?  Another place is on the dashboard, where the sun shines directly inviting those germs to lay in the warmth and multiply.  Through study, single people and men prove to have the cleanest cars, while married people and women have the germiest vehicles.  Family cars which holds children’s car seats harbors massive germs. So if your vehicle suddenly sounds like it is germ infested- start cleaning.  Disinfecting areas such as food stains, change holder, steering wheel and radio knob, is a good place to start.