You are driving along, rain is hitting your windshield, and your vehicle begins to hydroplane.  What do you do?

  1. The first thing you donít do is apply the brakes.  Braking at this point is ineffective, and will cause your vehicle to skid more severely.
  2. Do not turn the steering wheel. At this point your vehicle is already uncontrollable, as it is skidding on a sheet of water. Hold the steering wheel firmly straight ahead if possible, and ride it out.
  3. Ease your foot from the gas pedal until the car slows down and the steering returns to normal.
  4. Most newer vehicles have ABS systems. The ABS system will gently create a light pumping action to the brake system.
  5. When your tires come into contact with the road surface, you will then be able to gain control of your vehicle.