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Logan and Mason counties proposing public transportation program

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[July 20, 2011]  After over three years of coordination, Logan and Mason counties may soon have a public transportation program that will enhance the lives of residents with affordable, reliable and accessible transportation. (Click here for the rest of the story)

You and your home: Aging gracefully together

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[July 20, 2011]  (ARA) - Aging gracefully is all about taking a proactive approach to your future well-being - you anticipate the inevitable changes and do what's necessary to stay healthy and fit.

The same principles are true for your home. You need to assess the necessary changes that must be made around your home to keep it fit, and you safe, so you and your home can successfully age together.
(Click here for the rest of the story)

More July questions and answers from Social Security

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[July 20, 2011]  Question:

How does Social Security decide if I am disabled? 


For an adult to be considered disabled, Social Security must determine that you are unable to do the work you did before and, based on your age, education, and work experience, you are unable to adjust to any other work that exists in significant numbers in the national economy. Also, your disability must last or be expected to last for at least one year or to result in death. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability (less than a year). For more information, we recommend you read Disability Benefits (SSA Publication No. 05-10029), available online at (Click here for the rest of the story) 

Helping people who are living with diabetes save on essential medicines and products

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[July 20, 2011]  (ARA) - Diabetes is one of the nation's most debilitating and costly conditions. Because symptoms can become severe and even life-threatening, management of this chronic condition is essential.

In fact, many of the nearly 26 million adults living with diabetes can maintain a healthier lifestyle using life-saving medicines and products to monitor and control blood sugar levels. (Click here for the rest of the story)

July questions and answers from Social Security


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[July 20, 2011]  GENERAL --I thought I saw Patty Duke with George Takei in a new video for Social Security. Was that really them? 


Yes. Patty Duke joined George Takei to tell Americans to Boldly Go to to apply for retirement, disability, Medicare, and so much more. The two celebrities have donated their time for a new campaign promoting Social Security’s online services as an easy and secure way for people to do business with the agency. Learn more at where you also can watch the videos online. (Click here for the rest of the story)

Spend some quality time on Social Security's website 

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[July 20, 2011]  Summertime is here, and for many people that means vacation. Some of the best vacations are the ones that allow you to spend time with family who live far away. 

If you’re planning to visit your kids and grandkids this summer, why not make the most of your time with them?  You may know your way around a computer. (Click here for the rest of the story)

This July, explore Social Security's new frontier 
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[July 20, 2011]  Americans have been explorers long before we declared our independence on July 4, 1776.

Colonists were brave enough to venture across the seas to settle in the unknown frontier of the New World.  From there, westward expansion eventually took them from the east coast to the west. Then came the space race, and imagined places to explore. Shows like Star Trek called space the final frontier. But we’ve since found new frontiers, such as cyberspace. (Click here for the rest of the story)


When to get help for painful joints

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[July 20, 2011]  (ARA) - If your arm goes numb and your speech is slurred, you know you need to seek immediate medical attention. When you nick yourself shaving, you know you can deal with it yourself. But for the vast number of maladies in between, it can be difficult to know when to go to the doctor and when to deal with it on your own. (Click here for the rest of the story)

Watson's friends help you and Social Security 

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[July 20, 2011]  In February 2011, Jeopardy! broadcast its first competition that pit man against machine. Watson, an artificial intelligence computer system developed by IBM, competed against the show’s two most successful champions: Ken Jennings (longest winning streak) and Brad Rutter (biggest money winner). (Click here for the rest of the story)

Farmers’ markets coupons available for low income seniors

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[July 20, 2011]  The Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland has announced that persons 60 years of age and older who meet income guidelines are eligible for free coupons to be used to purchase a total of $21.00 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables at the Latham Park and Scully Park Farmers’ Markets. (Click here for the rest of the story)

The Debt Settlement Company Scam

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[July 20, 2011]  Debt settlement companies advertise that they can settle all of your credit card debt in two to three years for only a fraction of what you owe. Do not fall for this come-on.

While a new Illinois law provides consumers with protections against debt settlement scams—including a prohibition on upfront payments—there are better solutions to your financial problems than signing a contract with a debt settlement company. (click here for the rest of the story)

Protect your financial future by thwarting identity theft now
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[July 20, 2011]  (ARA) - With a combination of good decisions and some luck, you've managed to build a tidy little nest egg for retirement. Having enough saved for retirement can help ensure your golden years are the best they can be. But what are you doing right now to protect the nest egg that's essential to your future financial well-being? (Click here for the rest  of the story)

The Best Way to Avoid Telephone Scams Is Also the Easiest: Just hang up

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[July 20, 2011]  Every day, seniors throughout Illinois fall prey to smooth-talking con artists who call them up and tell all kinds of convincing stories to get their money.
The Office of the Illinois Attorney General wants you to know that it’s shrewd, not rude, to hang up the phone when a stranger asks you to send them money or give out your personal information.
The following are some common warning signs of telephone scams. If you spot any of these signs while on the phone, don’t think twice: (Click here for the rest of the story)

Seniors face Medicare cost barrier for cancer meds

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[July 20, 2011]  WASHINGTON -- (AP) Facing a life-and-death struggle with kidney cancer, Rita Moore took her prescription for a new kind of chemotherapy pill to her local drugstore. She was stunned when the pharmacist told her the cost for a month's supply would be $2,400, well beyond her income. (click here for the rest of the story)

A handsome gift for dad 

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[July 20, 2011]  Father’s Day is right around the corner. Perhaps you’ll give Dad the usual gift: a necktie, shaving set, leather wallet, or new fishing lure. But there’s something he may appreciate even more. People all over the country are helping their dads save nearly $4,000 a year on the cost of prescription drugs. You can help your dad too — and it won’t cost you a dime.  (Click here for the rest of the story)

Governor Quinn announces state efforts to address seniors' health during warm summer months

Urges Illinoisans to take precautions, check on elderly

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[July 20, 2011]  SPRINGFIELD –  As temperatures rise, Governor Pat Quinn has announced services available to protect people from excessive summer heat, and asked people across Illinois to look out for those most vulnerable to the high temperatures, including the elderly and children during the upcoming summer months. (Click here for the rest of the story)

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