Breakfast Menu



Monday, Feb. 20                                                         Monday, Feb. 27                                                                                                                                     Cereal

Presidents’ Day                                                               ˝ honey bun

No school                                                                       Juice/fruit



Tuesday, Feb. 21                                                         Tuesday Feb. 28                           

          Cereal                                                                             Biscuit & sausage gravy

          Peanut butter & jelly sandwich                                         Fruit

          Juice/fruit                                                                        Milk



Wednesday, Feb. 22                                                   Wednesday, Feb. 29  

Scrambled eggs                                                               Cereal

Toast                                                                              Cinnamon toast

Fruit                                                                               Juice/fruit

Milk                                                                                Milk


Thursday, Feb. 23                                                      Thursday, Mar. 1

Cereal                                                                             Blueberry waffles

Donut holes                                                                    w/syrup

Juice/fruit                                                                        Fruit

Milk                                                                                Milk


Friday, Feb. 24                                                            Friday, Mar. 2

          Cream of wheat                                                               Cereal

          Toast                                                                              Oatmeal chocolate chip bar

          Fruit                                                                               Juice/fruit

          Milk                                                                                Milk


















Meals meet nutritional requirements set forth by the Federal Government, of 30% or less total fat, and 10% or less saturated fat, on average.  Nutritional information is available upon  reguest.