Lunch Menu



Monday,  Mar. 19                                    Monday, Mar. 26

          Bar b.q. rib on bun                                                Hamburger on WG bun w/cheese

          Green beans                                                 French fries

          Carrot sticks                                                          Peas

          Fruit  cocktail                                               Diced pears


Tuesday, Mar. 20                                     Tuesday, Mar. 27       

Beef & noodles                                            Chicken nuggets w/sauce

Mashed potatoes                                          Candied carrots

Bread & butter                                             Brown rice pilaf

Diced peaches                                             Diced peaches


Wednesday, Mar. 21                               Wednesday, Mar. 28

Sausage pizza                                              Tacos w/lettuce & cheese

Lettuce salad w/romaine                               Green beans

Pudding                                                       Tortilla chips w/salsa

Diced peaches                                             Fruit cocktail


Thursday, Mar. 22                                   Thursday, Mar. 29     

Popcorn chicken w/sauce                                      Bar. b. q. chicken sandwich

Sweet potatoes                                            Corn on the cob

Bread & butter                                             Potato rounds

Diced pears                                                 Cookie



         Friday, Mar. 23                                     Friday, Mar. 30                         

          Corndog                                                            Chili w/crackers

          Baked beans                                                      Dill spear/cheese stick

          Pretzels                                                              Peanut butter sandwich

          Orange wedges                                                   Apple & pear crisp


Variety of milk served with all meals










Meals meet nutritional requirements set forth by the Federal Government, of 30% or less total fat, and 10% or less saturated fat.  Nutritional information is available upon request.