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To the editor:

These musings will not find favor with some of my family, "almost family," some good friends and other acquaintances -- sorry about that! Family is family and they are loved notwithstanding -- same for "almost family" (and they know who they are). Certainly the same can be said for friends and acquaintances who have a difference of opinions. Isn't it great that none of us are cloned? Our gatherings would be mighty dull, and I am not sure we would want to be with those who agree with us all of the time.

With these caveats, I proceed with this certainty: My concerns are not about Republican vs. Democrat -- they are about the United States of America, the America I have no interest in "profoundly changing," as has been stated. With all of our faults and foibles, and they are certainly in abundance, ours is still the best system of government on the planet.

What would old Tom Paine say about "times that try men's souls," if he were with us today.

Currently, we are a rudderless ship -- drifting and bobbing in the wrong direction, with a captain who has taken "lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depth." These are the words of black columnist Mychal Massie. Does the "handling" of the Benghazi tragedy come to mind, when considering the words of columnist Massie?

I have stood in awe on the beaches of Normandy, walked in our military cemeteries all over Europe and in our United States. We see our men and women come home from Iraq and Afghanistan terribly maimed and disfigured.

Don't we often think that the dead and the maimed might often ask, "Why?" Why is there such a fight where and when we can display the flag of our country? Why does our president apologize to others about our country? Why can't we display a cross or Christmas creche or other symbols of other religions and faiths without a few very vocal minorities telling us how to or not to worship? Why have we eliminated a National Day of Prayer, so that "somebody" is not offended? Why do so many Americans work hard to contribute to "entitlements" to those will not work? Why are illegal immigrants in line with hands out, getting priorities over our own citizens? Why has it been necessary to appoint some 32 czars to add to the bureaucracy governing our country? Why do the taxpayers underwrite so much nonessential travel? Why do we need 22 assistants for the first (?) lady? Why the confidential aside to Putin, Russia's president, saying, "After the election, I will have more flexibility." What does that mean?

While not on O's watch, why is prayer in schools such a terrible thing for our children? Why does "political correctness" make a mockery out of common sense?

[to top of second column]

My "why" list is so small (certainly many others have so many more) in relation to the myriad of problems we face. Four more years of the present will generate whys in abundance.

The rudderless ship of the good ship United States is in need of a new captain who will bring aboard a new crew, who paid their taxes and have some experience in running at least something. Trusting all may be a stretch, but we certainly have to start somewhere.

Let me assure all, racism has nothing to do with these concerns. I was fortunate to be raised in a non-prejudicial family. Bring me an Allen West, the very smart and articulate congressman from Florida, or other equally qualified blacks whom I would support in a minute, if I felt they were the best qualified.

Perhaps (maybe certainly) there will be some "zinger" responses. At least, we have that right in this country without "big brother" asking the neighbors to report us. Hopefully, this freedom will never be suppressed. Then again, we just never know how far czars will go.

May I refer you to http://www.youtube.com/

I have voted in every election from precinct committeeman to president since I came home from service in 1946 -- 66 years ago. Never has an election been so important for the future of our country.

In past elections it was pretty much about what party would be in charge. This year we face the challenge of what could fundamentally change our lives and those of our children, forever. That is what the man promised: "fundamental change." Times do change and governing always needs to adjust to changes. Common Sense 101! Radically changing with a "big brother knows best" is hardly the change we need. We do not need to keep passing legislation so that "we will know what is in it."

The choice is yours. I sure know what this old geezer plans to do!

I am Bill Gossett and I approve of this message!

Bill Gossett
U.S. Air Corps (not corpse), 1943-1946

[Posted November 05, 2012]

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