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Microbreweries come to Art of Wine tent

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[August 23, 2013]  According to Bill Hoagland of Main Street Lincoln, the tent sponsored by Main Street Lincoln for The Art of Wine during the art and balloon fest weekend will be a bit different this year. Located on Kickapoo Street across from the county courthouse, the tent will host two microbreweries from Springfield, joining the wineries that have drawn large crowds in the past.

Obed & Isaacs and Rolling Meadows Brewery will be new this year, selling their signature microbrews in the newly renamed Art of Wine & Brew tent.

"With the explosion of microbreweries in the U.S., we thought it would be a fun addition to the wineries," Hoagland said.

Obed & Isaacs is a microbrewery and brew bar in downtown Springfield, just a few blocks south of the Old State Capitol. The historic building where the brewery is located also has a popular restaurant with a varied menu. Obed & Isaacs will be bringing some of their signature brews to the Lincoln for The Art of Wine & Brew.

Rolling Meadows Brewery will also be selling their products in the big tent on Kickapoo Street. Rolling Meadows is known for producing all of their beer ingredients on their own farm north of Springfield. Their 22-ounce bottles of Abe's Ale and Lincoln Lager are available throughout the area at restaurants and bars. One of their newest brews is blood orange ale. They also sell their products at the Illinois Products Farmers' Market every Thursday evening at the state fairgrounds.

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The layout of The Art of Wine & Brew tent will be a bit different this year. Four barbecue vendors will sell their smoked fare at the Pulaski Street intersection with Kickapoo. At the Pulaski Street end of the tent will be a guest service space for people to bring their food, sit and order a drink to enjoy with their meal.

Rolling Meadows Brewery, Fox Creek Winery, Hill Prairie Winery and Lasata Winery will each provide one of their products for the guest service area. Service will be provided by volunteers with Main Street Lincoln. Each drink will be $4 and this will go entirely to the winery or brewery.

The main entrance for the wine- and beer-tasting area of the tent -- where patrons will receive a wristband, tasting tickets, and a wine or beer glass -- has been moved this year to Kickapoo Street, toward the Pulaski Street end of the tent. The old entrance at the corner of Kickapoo and Broadway has been given over to a large stage for the musical groups that will be performing.


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