Young artists bring vibrancy to downtown sidewalks

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On Thursday, in preparation for the 40th annual Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival, the classes from Carroll Catholic made their way downtown to work their magic with chalk on the sidewalks, creating lovely pictures that downtown visitors will be able to enjoy all weekend long.

The kids walked from their school to the square, accompanied by their teachers. Each class had a designated spot where they spent the morning drawing and coloring their art.

For the kids as well as the teachers, it was an activity that was fun and resulted in lovely pictures that will be enjoyed by many throughout the weekend.

During the day, other artists joined in the fun and creativity, and by evening the sidewalks around the downtown square featured many lovely masterpieces.

Pictures by Curt Fox

Carroll Catholic fifth and seventh grades with teacher Mrs. Fuiten

Carroll Catholic eighth-grade artists with teacher Mr. Kocka


The eighth-graders

Sixth grade under the direction of teacher Mrs. Allen

Kindergarteners with teacher Mrs. Hansen

Pre-K with Mrs. Sharp



Carroll Catholic fourth grade with teacher Ms. Winter

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