Saturday morning fly-in brings balloon enthusiasts out early

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Saturday morning the east side of the grass runway at the Logan County Airport was completely lined with vehicles, backed up to the temporary fence. The visitors were there to enjoy the peace of the early hour, the beauty of a balloon floating through the misty morning and the fun of the baggie toss competition.

This year most of the balloons inflated on the grounds of the airport, pilots took their turns at trying to hit the target on the landing strip, then floated off into a beautiful morning sky.

Pictures by Nila Smith

The State Farm  balloon was not actually part of the competition, but did inflate and fly on Saturday morning.

This year State Farm Insurance sponsored the tethered balloon rides at the Logan County Airport.

On Friday and Saturday they brought in two balloons for much of the day.

Even with two, the lines for the rides were quite long throughout both days, as people anxiously awaited the opportunity to see the airport from a bird's-eye view.





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