Last glow of the festival brings out thousands of spectators

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Saturday night was the perfect evening for the final glow of the Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival. The late afternoon was breezy, but toward 6 p.m. the breeze died down and the launch went off without a hitch.

Once the balloons had taken to the air, masses of people waited expectantly for their return and the last glow of the year.

While they waited, some chose to grab a snack, sandwich or a cold drink. Others enjoyed visiting with friends and family, and some took advantage of the balloon-free runway to stretch their legs.

When the balloonists returned and began unloading their baskets, many spectators once again returned to the grass runway to get close-up views of what was going on.

As the balloons formed a single line and went through their paces at the call of the announcer, the crowds cheered and offered encouragement when the announcer sought their assistance.

Pictures by Nila Smith





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