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Monday, December 02, 2013

Coming to Open Arms Christian Fellowship November 2013:
Encountering the Real Jesus

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Don’t be one who just hears about this…come experience HIM!

Who is Jesus? Our society and even the church portray many different views concerning Jesus of Nazareth. Many people have a distorted view of Jesus. They see Him as a man who was always serious; one who walked around all the time with His hands folded in prayer; one who was a weak individual; one who is boring and not someone they need to know. That is not the real Jesus…the Jesus of the Bible.

Jesus always had time for people no matter their background, situation, or social status. He still does today! Jesus was real, touchable and cared about each individual. He still does today! Real people…people like you and I…met Jesus face to face. Rough and tough fishermen, tax collectors, religious leaders, people who blew it and were living in hopelessness, and even people who thought they had it all together yet in a honest moment knew they were still lacking something.

Encounter Jesus who saved a wedding keeping the celebration going by turning water into wine. Encounter Jesus who could see the potential in people in spite of their current situation. Encounter Jesus who broke through cultural barriers and religious rules in order to reveal love to a woman who had been looking for love in all the wrong places. Encounter Jesus who had a religious leader come to him at night fearful that people might see him with Jesus in the day and tarnish his religious standing. Encounter Jesus who is brought face to face with a woman caught in adultery but instead of condemning her He gave her a second chance. Encounter Jesus who made lame legs to walk, blind eyes to see, deaf ears to open and even dead bodies to rise from the dead.

What will you do with the real Jesus? How you answer that question will not only determine your eternity, it will affect every day of your life on this earth. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the one person who can change your life for the best forever!


In this message series, we will hear from the one closest to Him as He walked the earth. We will come face to face with the real Jesus as we see Him encounter real people in real life with real issues. The need has never been greater than it is today for people...us — you and me — to encounter the real Jesus.

Join us at 311 Broadway in Lincoln Sundays (starting in November) at 9:00 or 11:00 AM

You matter to Jesus and you matter here!

[Pastors Larry & Wendy Crawford, Open Arms Christian Fellowship]


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