Little bakers carry on a Carroll Catholic tradition

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The first- and second-graders at Carroll Catholic School turned into baking elves Friday morning as they worked on an annual tradition in the school's cafeteria. First- and second-graders, with a little help from parents and grandparents, baked loaves of pumpkin bread to be sold at the school's Christmas bazaar.

The students read the directions, cracked eggs and stirred their batter. Adults supervised and lent a helping hand or two with the more difficult tasks. Each group made five loaves of bread, for a total of 75 loaves made. Each group got to keep one of their loaves, and the other four were wrapped up to be sold.

The families at Carroll Catholic School invite everyone from the community to join them at the annual Christmas event on Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to noon. Don't forget to stop by the Sweet Shoppe to purchase a loaf of bread.

Pictures and text from Jennifer Craig, Carroll Catholic School

Nikki Van helps her daughter, Marie,  and a classmate, Leyah.

Mrs. Newton, first-grade teacher, helps a student, Reece.


Grandma helps her grandson, Soren, and a classmate, Parker.

Grandma helps her granddaughter, Emma, and a classmate, Olivia.

Jarret and Ella, second-graders, pause to say "Merry Christmas!"

Gianna, a first-grader, dishes her batter so evenly among her bread pans.

Julianna gives her grandma a hug as she helps Olivia pour her batter.

Elaine and grandpa work together on their bread batter.



Second-graders pose for a group photo with their parents and grandparents.

The second-graders send everyone a Christmas wish!


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