Harvest of Talents presents holiday home tour,
stained-glass windows and 30 years of quilts

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The back view out of the Wahab home is at the 18th fairway of the Lincoln Elks Golf Course. With snow falling Sunday afternoon, the scene out the back windows was taking on the elegant beauty of a winter wonderland.

The Wahabs have an interesting hobby of big-game hunting. In the downstairs area of the three-floor home, there is a large room with roofline ceilings of rich wood. There, many of the Wahab big-game trophies are on display.

From the tour brochure:

And wait ‘til you step downstairs. You will surely be intrigued and amazed by the family’s collection of big game trophies preserved from their trips to South Africa and the Sahara - including a giraffe (affectionately named Reginald by the children), cape buffalo, lioness, niala, zebra, wildebeest, and various antelopes. Note the zebra-backed bar stools and striking accents of the adjacent bar area, which is being remodeled into a full kitchen. Take a look inside the nearby home theatre room and the children's game and recreational space.

Pictures by Lisa Ramlow and Nila Smith




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