Harvest of Talents presents holiday home tour,
stained-glass windows and 30 years of quilts
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In addition to the three homes on the tour, this year Lincoln Christian Church offered a guided tour of its stained-glass windows.  Pastor Ron Otto was on hand in the sanctuary to talk about the windows and share stories with guests.

From the tour brochure:

Welcome to the newly remodeled sanctuary of Lincoln Christian Church. On December 5, 1954, the building of bricks and Bedford stone was dedicated. One of the special features of the sanctuary , then and now, is the stained glass windows of the nave, each carrying a message to those who worship here. On the right, the “I Ams” of Jesus are symbolized in glass. On the left, His entire life is symbolized including the following events: The Incarnation, The Nativity, His Early Life, His Baptism, The Atonement , The Resurrection, His Victory, The Church, Rock of Ages, and A "Mighty Fortress. The large window at the front of the church is The large window at the front of the church is 28 feet high, and the glass is fully encased in stone. The three circles at the top carry the symbols of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just below them are the symbols of the four evangelists — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – with the busts of the four evangelists below each. They tell the story of redemption (John 20:30-31).

Pictures by Lisa Ramlow and Nila Smith








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