Harvest of Talents presents holiday home tour,
stained-glass windows and 30 years of quilts

Album 15

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The stained-glass windows, like all artwork, carry a message to those who worship at Lincoln Christian Church. On one side of the sanctuary, the "I Am" statements of Jesus Christ are symbolized in the glass:

I am the Truth.  John 16:4
I am the Door.  John 10:9
I am the Vine.  John 15:1
I am the Light.  John 8:12
I am the Good Shepherd.  John 10:11
I am the Resurrection.  John 11:25
I am the Bread of Life.  John 6:35
I am the Alpha and Omega.  Revelation 1:8

On the other side, "He is" statements of Jesus are symbolized in the glass:

He is our Rose of Sharon.  Song of Solomon 2:1
He is our Lilly of the Valley.  Song of Solomon 2:1
He is our Ancient of Days.  Daniel 7:9, 13, 22
He is our Peace.  John 14:27
He is our Sacrifice.  I John 2:2
He is our Resurrection.  Romans 6:5
He is our King.  I Timothy 6:15
He is our Safe Haven.  Psalm 107:30, Acts 27:8
He is our Mighty Fortress.  Psalm 18:2, 71:3

Looking from window to window, one might realize that all the Bibles are open, poised and ready for study, and all the palm leaves are waving as if to welcome the King of Kings.

Pictures by Lisa Ramlow and Nila Smith




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