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Christmas fundraiser, portrait-style

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[December 07, 2013]  Janice Thomas hasn't been the valley's most innovative art teacher since the invention of dirt for nothing, you know.

One of her goals has always been to get the community involved in the art scene. She's gone so far as to invite several well-known artists from the city to come and give demonstrations here. So when Janice once again waltzed into the Mule Barn coffee shop and tacked up a poster, we almost had a footrace to check it out.

This year, she's having a sale and show of her students' work, but with a difference.

"The way I see it," she said, "these kids need some Christmas money, right?"

Coffee-sipping nods all around.

"And they need to take pride in their artwork, too," she said. "So I kinda put it all together and came up with the ‘Faces of Love' Christmas art show."

"Faces of Love?" said Dud.

"Oh, yeah," Janice said, smiling. "You see, the paintings are all portraits of people the students love. You know, mom and dad, grandparents, the guy down the street who volunteers at band practice, that kind of thing."

"Sounds good," Doc said.

"And nothing at the art show will cost more than 10 bucks. I figure we'll sell all of them, too."

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"You sound pretty sure of that," said Doc. "Are they that good?"

"Frankly, no," Janice said. "But hey, it's Christmas and they're only 10 bucks."

"Still, selling all of them will be quite a trick," Doc said.

"Not really," Janice said. "I have a secret weapon."

We looked at her.

"I got the Valley Weekly Miracle to promise they'd print whatever portraits didn't sell."

Doc laughed and slapped his knee. "That's great! That oughta get 'em all right. Those poor folks don't have a chance."

"Wait until you see the portrait two of the kids did of you, Doc," Janice said.

Doc looked around sheepishly while we laughed.

"Hey, any you guys got 20 bucks on you?"

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