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Presidential decline

By Jim Killebrew

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[December 12, 2013]  The president seems to be having a bit of bad luck the past few months. The American people seem to be wising up to some of the issues that have ensnared him politically. Even the younger Americans who were ardent followers, both the first and second time around, have cooled in their opinion of his ability to maintain credibility. They are experiencing the fallacy of an insurance system that has them paying two or three times the premium with astronomical deductibles.

Such mayhem daily being reported regarding Obamacare. Such radical change to America's healthcare and insurance system. If the president will radically change the healthcare system and the insurance system with such changes causing such pandemonium with so many Americans, what else will he change in the future?

At the beginning of the president's first term in 2009, he promised to enhance the quality of education in America. His close adviser David Axelrod said, "We are behind in education now; countries doing better in education now will outperform us in the future." (Axelrod was senior strategist for Obama's 2012 re-election campaign and a former White House senior adviser.)

A year into his second term, the president's action to fix the problem with America being behind in education: campaigning and rhetoric. Total disregard in favor of spending his time revamping insurance and healthcare. With that kind of success,  I hope he continues to leave education alone!

Poor President Obama, scandal-ridden, caught lying, devastated millions of people's insurance, established death panels, used his federal agencies to torment Americans, attacked Christians, embraced Iran, destroyed Israel, promoted the transformation of marriage, raised taxes and initiated class warfare.

Let's give the guy a break; he is only doing what he promised to do: to fundamentally change America. Really, it is Americans, many of the same young people who now castigate him, who voted for him, who must share the blame. They can't complain now; it just makes them hypocritical.

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Finally, he was shown out-of-country at Nelson Mandela's funeral the other day gently bowing toward Cuba's President Castro, warmly shaking his hand and then giving Castro's wife a kiss on each of her cheeks. This angered many Americans who wondered how such a thing could happen. Even an incidental crossing of paths should immediately send an alarm to an attentive president, who would at least be guarded in his passing by the president of Cuba. So much for vetting those who will be close to the president.

The word "vetted" seemingly has no meaning for anyone in the current administration, especially the non-vetter-in-chief. The message was clear: "Americans, especially Cuban-Americans: Get over it; your days are numbered." Keep in mind, this is not the first time the president has disrespected America by embracing leaders of countries who would see America (and Israel) destroyed. But hey, we elected him ... twice!

The amazing thing is his tenacity to continue the course of change even though a majority of Americans are now against it. He seems like a man on a mission. A question for Congress: How long are you going to make the American people put up with this disaster?


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